Ƿəək (pron.: /Wöök/ or as 'woke' if pronounced by a very posh earth Englishman) is with more than 700,000 inhabitants the fifth largest city of the Free States of Tak and the most populous of the Western Tak Plains. Simply known as The Plains under Bowdani rule, the city has in fact been inhabited by indigenous Tak for more than 75% since its foundation in 1318 BP. Ƿəək may be the oldest surviving settlement of Tak, although there is an ongoing quarrel with the town of Tel, which was founded around the same time, but since a precise date for the latter hasn't been mentioned in the few remaining documents of that time, it cannot be known for sure.

Flagtak   States and major cities of Tak   Flagtak
States: Ad TakAd-Em TakAgƿɛBəəg SltBɵɵk But kə Ŋup DaakBut kə RaakDebmFɛɛl KagŋGrrva Bəg Has
ŋGrrva BlrLpƿɛMyri SltƿɛPeet VnPet TakƿɛQeetiRaak n GrgSub ButƿɛSuub KɵɵkTook ButTook-Em Tak
Major cities: AgBɵɵkGrgHoopLpMɵgMuTaŋTelƿɛVii GɛkǷəək

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