308 VRB Cup
308 VRB Cup Logo

Host Scwflag Shaelia
No. of Nations 16
Champions Westria Westria
Runner-Up Scwflag Shaelia
Matches Played 32
Tries Scored 159 (4.97 per match)
Attendance 1,411,559 (44,112 avg.)

The 308 VRB World Cup was the first staging of the VRB World Cup, a biannual international rugby world championship. Sixteen nations competed for the Huttler Cup, which was hosted in Shaelia from August 29 through October 5, 308. Shaelia was awarded the hosting rights in on 12 July 307, having be judged to have the best facilities available to host the event. The competition consisted of 32 matches played over 38 days in eight cities around Shaelia. The Grand Final between the home-standing All Shaels and the national side of Westria was held at New Commonwealth Grounds in Visis on 5 October 308. More than 90,000 spectators attended the match.


Only the host nation was awarded an automatic spot in the inaugural tournament. The VRB announced on 17 July 308, however, that the four nations advancing to the Semi finals of the 308 World Cup competition will earn automatic berths for the 310 VRB World Cup as the four Pool top seeds.

Qualification for the tournament began on 12 April 308 around Vexillium. Each of the five regional associations organized qualification tournaments which provided the remaining fifteen spots in the World Cup.


Eight venues around Shaelia hosted World Cup matches. New Commonwealth Grounds was the host venue for the VRB Rugby World Cup Bronze Final and Grand Final. The decision to leave out Commonwealth Grounds, the venue New Commonwealth Grounds was built to replace, remained controversial. The venue was officially shutdown, and had been since the NCG opened last year, but was still in good condition. With a capacity of 38,818, it is also the third largest rugby venue in the nation. The VRB and the Commonwealth Rugby Union declined comment on the controversy.

City Stadium Capacity Rounds
Visis, Caelia New Commonwealth Grounds 87,599 Pool C, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Grand Final
Cathal, Masion The Oak 49,614 Pool A, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals
Keshon-Husul, Keshon The Royal Arc 37,906 Pool B, Quarter-Finals
Asper, Sperana Asper Rugby Grounds 26,959 Pool D, Quarter-Finals
Vixir, Glenatt Baushon Stadium 25,515 Pool A
Lat Fale, Pisyra The Highwall 23,378 Pool B
Mainum, Vissel Pressa Rugby Grounds 22,438 Pool C
Apranum, Framidia Apranum Rugby Grounds 20,211 Pool D


The Pool assignments for the 308 VRB World Cup for each regional association were as follows:

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
  • AERU 1
  • RUAM 1
  • ADFRU 1
  • AERU 5
  • ALRU 1
  • AERU 2
  • ALRU 3
  • RUAM 3
  • RAN 1
  • ALRU 2
  • AERU 4
  • Repechage


The competition was contested over 38 days between 16 different nations, over 32 fixtures. The tournament began on 29 August at the New Commonwealth Grounds with a match between the host nation, Shaelia, and Aethelnia. The tournament culminated at the same venue on 5 October for the Grand Final.

Pool stageEdit

The 16 nations were split up into four pools, designated A through to D, each consisting of four teams. Each nation played every other nation in their pool once; each nation therefore played three matches during the pool stage.

Each pool used the following scoring system:

  • four match points for a win;
  • two for a draw;
  • zero for a loss.

Bonus points were awarded if a team scored four or more tries (regardless of the match result) in match, or if a team lost by seven points (a converted try) or fewer.

At the end of the pool stage, teams were ranked first to fourth based on cumulative match points, with the top two nations proceeding to the knockout stage quarter-finals.

If at the completion of the pool phase two or more nations were level on points, then the following criteria is to be used in the following order until one of the nations could be determined as the higher ranked:

i. The winner of the match in which the two tied nations have played each other shall be the higher ranked;
ii. The nation which has the best difference between points scored for and points scored against in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
iii. The nation which has the best difference between tries scored for and tries scored against in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
iv. The nation which has scored most points in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
v. The nation which has scored most tries in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
vi. Should the tie be unresolved at the conclusion of steps (i) through (v), the nation that is higher ranked in the updated Official WestEx VRB World Rankings on September 1, 308.

Knockout stageEdit

At completion of the Pool stage, the tournament moved into a knockout format comprising eight fixtures: four quarter-finals, two semi-finals, a third place match, and the Grand Final. The winner and runner-up from each of the four pools advanced to the quarter-finals. Pool winners were drawn against opposite pool runners-up in the quarter-finals, e.g. the winner of Pool A faced the runner up of Pool B, and the winner of Pool B faced the runner-up of Pool A.

Each match in the knockout stage must conclude in a victory. If, after eighty minutes of normal play, a match results in a draw, further play is made to determine an outright winner. Initially, there will be two periods of extra time, 10 minutes each; if there is no winner after this, then play proceeds to a single 10 minute period of 'sudden death' play. If the contest is unresolved after a total 110 minutes of open play, the winner will be determined by a placekicking competition.

Effect on 310 qualificationEdit

The four nations reaching the Semi-finals of the World Cup qualified for the 310 World Cup in Shaelia. The four nations earning automatic berths in the 310 World Cup were: Westria, Shaelia, Kemedal, and San Patricio.

Pool StageEdit

Qualified for quarterfinals

Pool A Edit

Team Pld W D L TF PF PA +/- BP Pts
Whiland 330089749+48113
Sempervirens 3201118876+1219
Wesmerite 310297564+1115
Mariim 3003850121-7100

Pool Match Schedule

Date Match Venue Result Crowd
29-Aug-308 Wesmerite - Whiland The Oak 15-27 49,708
30-Aug-308 Mariim - Sempervirens Baushon Stadium 27-40 26,097
6-Sep-308 Wesmerite - Sempervirens The Oak 21-30 49,512
7-Sep-308 Whiland - Mariim Baushon Stadium 42-16 26,033
13-Sep-308 Mariim - Wesmerite The Oak 7-39 49,707
14-Sep-308 Sempervirens - Whiland Baushon Stadium 18-28 25,884

Pool B Edit

Team Pld W D L TF PF PA +/- BP Pts
Kemedal 33001913364+69214
Solelhada 311198963+2628
Phenxia 3102657131-7404
Allacoa 301246586-2102

Pool Match Schedule

Date Match Venue Result Crowd
29-Aug-308 Solelhada - Allacoa The Royal Arc 24-24 37,906
30-Aug-308 Kemedal - Phenxia The Highwall 72-17 23,905
6-Sep-308 Solelhada - Phenxia The Royal Arc 47-20 37,906
7-Sep-308 Allacoa - Kemedal The Highwall 29-42 23,431
13-Sep-308 Kemedal - Solelhada The Royal Arc 19-18 37,906
14-Sep-308 Phenxia - Allacoa The Highwall 20-12 23,379

Pool C Edit

Team Pld W D L TF PF PA +/- BP Pts
San Patricio 33001714275+67113
Severnaya 32011311073+37311
Fora Rifo 3102355105-5004
Aethelnia 3003670124-5400

Pool Match Schedule

Date Match Venue Result Crowd
29-Aug-308 Shaelia - Aethelnia New Commonwealth Grounds 58-26 88,396
30-Aug-308 Fora Rifo - San Patricio Pressa Rugby Grounds 15-69 22,435
6-Sep-308 Shaelia - San Patricio New Commonwealth Grounds 26-30 88,149
7-Sep-308 Aethelnia - Fora Rifo Pressa Rugby Grounds 10-23 21,618
13-Sep-308 Fora Rifo - Shaelia New Commonwealth Grounds 17-26 89,013
14-Sep-308 San Patricio - Aethelnia Pressa Rugby Grounds 42-34 22,450

Pool D Edit

Team Pld W D L TF PF PA +/- BP Pts
St. Samuel 330087536+39113
Westria 3201119456+3819
Kukuria 310287659+1715
Cimera 3003549143-9400

Pool Match Schedule

Date Match Venue Result Crowd
29-Aug-308 Westria - Kukuria Asper Rugby Grounds 15-13 26,971
30-Aug-308 St. Samuel - Cimera Apranum Rugby Grounds 28-9 20,211
6-Sep-308 Westria - Cimera Asper Rugby Grounds 57-12 26,959
7-Sep-308 Kukuria - St. Samuel Apranum Rugby Grounds 5-16 22,027
13-Sep-308 St. Samuel - Westria Asper Rugby Grounds 31-22 26,984
14-Sep-308 Cimera - Kukuria Apranum Rugby Grounds 28-58 21,510

Knockout StageEdit

Quarter finals Semi finals Final
20 Sept. – The Oak, Cathal        
 FlagKemedal Kemedal  34
27 Sept. – The Oak, Cathal
 Flag-solelhada Solelhada  11  
 FlagKemedal Kemedal  7
20 Sept. – The Royal Arch, Keshon
   Westria Westria  16  
 FRWNationalSmall Whiland  12
5 October – New Com. Grounds, Visis
 Westria Westria  18  
 Westria Westria  9
21 Sept. – New Com. Grounds, Visis
   SN Severnaya  3
 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel  16
28 Sept. – New Com. Grounds, Visis
 SN Severnaya  22  
 SN Severnaya  32 Bronze Final
21 Sept. – Asper Rug. Grounds, Asper
   Flag-sanpatricio San Patricio  12  
 Flag-sanpatricio San Patricio  22  FlagKemedal Kemedal  32
 Flag-sempervirens-small Sempervirens  19    Flag-sanpatricio San Patricio  24
4 October – New Com. Grounds, Visis

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