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The 24th of October, 309, was Day 2 of the 309 Summer Vexgames. This second day of the games was marked by the announcement by Portocapitalian medical authorities of the quarantining of the Utanian and Rovenian teams due to a "mystery virus" - but also by the events of long jumping, strawweight boxing and 50m freestyle swimming.

Quarantined AthletesEdit

The National Vexgames Comitees of both Utania and Rovens only confirmed their participation on the 309 Games a few days before they actually began. This was not seen as a major issue, however - the Burovian nations, for instance, only submited their rosters on the final deadline week, amidst protest by some athletes due to the absence of some disciplines, such as archery, sailing and gymnastics.

The Utanian and Rovenian teams arrived in Belo Quinto on the same flight on the morning of 23rd of October. On the opening ceremony of the games, which happened on that evening, the teams of both nations paraded represented by only a dozen or so athletes and officials. This, also, was not seen as unusual - its not uncommon for nations to chose only a handfull of representatives for the opening acts of the Vexgames instead of parading their entire teams. Following the ceremony, however, all the audience noticed the absence of runners from either teams on the 100m athletics events. As the first heats were taking place, reports were beginning to arrive of what had actually happened.

Shortly after 2 am (Portocapitalian time), a press conference was called by the Belo Quinto Organizing Comitee. It was announced that both teams were under quarantine as "several" athletes from Rovens, plus "a few" from Utania, started feeling ill just as they arrived on the Aeroporto Estadual Policarpo Quaresma, a few kilometers outside Belo Quinto. These "ten or so" athletes were taken by airport medical staff to a nearby hospital, where they reported suffering high fever, strong headaches, nausea and vomiting. Meanwhile, the remaining athletes from both nations were held on the airport arrival area, before being taken to a state-owned ranch just outside Belo Quinto, were they are currently being held under quarantine.

Medical staff have already declared the virus to be "a variant of the common yellow fever" - not a "mystery virus", as the Utanian Zeitgeist agency declared. This is still odd, however, as the disease is endemic to the tropical areas of Melania, Delgamia, Fiarra and Nuarmia, not to the Ishrakan peninsula, where Utania and Rovens are located.

One of the athletes who were hospitalised now appears to be on the so-called "second phase" of the disease, with increasing headaches and fevers, plus abdominal pains and jaundice due to liver damage. A further three athletes who were quarantined on the ranch also started to develop symptoms.

"Faced with the possibility of widespread affliction of all atheletes from all teams, not to mention the Vexgames officials, staff and audience, and the brief isolation of a handful of atheletes, the IVC has chosen overall safety as the primary concern", a International Vexilliadic Committee medical official declared.

Medical authorities, however, declared that even in the most serious cases, most patients were over the strongest symptoms "in two or three days". Thus, it appears the quarantine will not take much longer.

Utanian and Rovenian officials lodged heavy protests against the quarantine.

"Of course they're not happy with that", declared Andrei Almeida, head of the organizing comitee. "It was a tough decision, but both the IVC and our Ministry of Health advised us that would be the right thing to do."

"Our athletes have already missed the 100m races. There's the long jump event this afternoon, swimming, boxing... What else are we going to miss?", a Utanian coach said.

Athletics - Long Jump (male)Edit

At 8:00 on the Albalonga Stadium, the thirty-two athletes from eighteen nations entered the field for the male long jump event. The athletes first participated on a qualifying round, with each man having three jumps. The first eight then proceed to a final series of three more jumps.


    Name               Nation     Mark 
01. Santana Botero       STS      8.87m Q
02. Juan Manuel Thyssen  DEU      8.86m Q
03. Furo Ekke            CXG      8.74m Q
04. Apu Ndiaye           NKO      8.73m Q
05. Proctor Perti        STS      8.71m Q
06. Atif Araújo          STS      8.66m Q
07. Timeon Ponzambarc    AET      8.35m Q
08. Ormond Speer         IWK      8.31m Q
09. Mario Barato         LEN      8.28m
10. Iluilu Masi          MIM      8.24m
11. Louis Louga          NKO      8.20m
12. Pablo Ordem          PCL      8.18m
13. Jatt Baleboðan       SCW      8.15m
14. Hasim Battista       STS      8.10m
15. Richard DeFoorq      WES      8.05m
16. Alam Lecuona         STS      7.98m
17. Edbert S'bassa       SCK      7.95m
18. Carlos Maniche       SCK      7.94m
19. Ali Haloob           DJR      7.91m
20. Manuel Brakadnidse   KYS      7.88m
21. Ingo Haldene         LOM      7.79m
22. Ilian Coffendall     OOO      7.77m
23. Paul Barbara         RAS      7.75m
24. Tarimor              TRI      7.70m
25. Johan Musk           WES      7.69m
26. Irong Penglui        WOO      7.68m
27. Xisto Betuminoso     PCL      7.60m
28. Koto Munguara        WOO      7.58m
29. Severus d'Elephantes AET      7.55m
30. Jose Veberia         KAL      7.50m
31. Kangar G'Rengg       KON      7.42m
32. Diego Vabestolio     LEN      7.40m

The final results were the following:


    Name               Nation     Mark 
01. Apu Ndiaye           NKO      8.81m ***** GOLD
02. Santana Botero       STS      8.80m ***** SILVER
03. Furo Ekke            CXG      8.74m ***** BRONZE
04. Juan Manuel Thyssen  DEU      8.73m 
05. Atif Araújo          STS      8.68m 
06. Timeon Ponzambarc    AET      8.65m 
07. Proctor Perti        STS      8.61m 
08. Ormond Speer         IWK      8.60m 

Apu Ndiaye grabbed Niokolo Koba's first gold medal in the games by jumping 8.81m. St. Samuel's Santana Botero, despite doing a 8.87m mark on the qualifying, dropped to 8.80 on the finals and managed only a silver medal. Furo Ekke gained Chungxipang's second bronze.

Athletics - Long Jump (female)Edit

A few hours after the men's event, at 15:00, it was time for the women's long jump, with 26 athletes from 18 countries competing for the medals. The women's event followed the same rules as the men's: a qualifications round with the top eight advancing to the final round.


    Name               Nation     Mark 
01. Yasmine Di Torino    STS      7.20m Q
02. Cammie St. Clair     STS      7.19m Q
03. Aya Ndiaye           NKO      7.15m Q
04. Ines Kikiva          CGX      7.12m Q
05. Doi Dreigvarasta     SCW      7.09m Q
06. Conchita Rüssler     DEU      7.07m Q
07. Sanbo Moussakar      NKO      7.06m Q
08. Ana Tappamangurawini WOO      7.05m Q
09. Nina Doom            IWK      7.00m
10. Yrma Zelda           IWK      6.99m
11. Zoe Kurtz            STS      6.98m
12. Tina Jorgenshooven   BOB      6.95m
13. Gracia Ballona       KAN      6.88m
14. Annastasia Hänsell   SAN      6.85m
15. Ingrid Fulteron      SCK      6.78m
16. Nivoren              TRI      6.75m
17. Penelope Calormen    AET      6.72m
18. Barah Fatima         DJR      6.70m
19. Geogina Bastlo       KAN      6.66m
20. Ibaki Tariba         LEN      6.65m
21. Doménica Saltadora   PCL      6.57m
22. Marla Pien           RAS      6.48m
23. Žonie Oeciebeša      SCW      6.42m
24. Onna K'Nudul         KON      6.40m
25. Luci De Quezzo       STS      6.30m
26. Sophia Palpont       STS      6.25m


    Name               Nation     Mark 
01. Aya Ndiaye           NKO      7.22m ***** GOLD
02. Cammie St. Clair     STS      7.20m ***** SILVER
03. Ines Kikiva          CGX      7.16m ***** BRONZE
04. Yasmine Di Torino    STS      7.10m 
05. Ana Tappamangurawini WOO      7.08m
06. Doi Dreigvarasta     SCW      7.07m 
07. Sanbo Moussakar      NKO      7.04m 
08. Conchita Rüssler     DEU      7.00m 

Aya Ndiaye got Niokolo Koba's second gold of the day with a 7,22m jump. Cammie St. Claire grabbed a silver for St. Samuel, while Ines Kikiva got the third bronze so far for Chungxipang.

Swimming, 50m freestyle (male)Edit

At 9:00 on Gymnasium 3 of the Albalonga Complex, 35 swimmers took part on the male 50m freestyle event. The freestyle means that the method of the stroke is not regulated (unlike backstroke or breaststroke events). Nearly all swimmers use the front crawl or a variant of that stroke.

The swimmers first participated in six qualifying heats, with the two best-placed on each race qualifying to the semifinals.

Heat 01
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.54 AET      Vanyel Ashkevron     Q
2. 21.58 CGX      Zack Fujita          Q
3. 21.76 WES      Guido Deselliar
4. 21.77 DEU      Karsten De La Rosa
5. 25.08 XML      Tichapan Cicho
6. 25.45 DJR      Hassan Habibi

Heat 02
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.47 CGX      G. C. Choy           Q
2. 21.71 WES      Carlos Nass          Q
3. 21.75 STS      Jarlath Pacetti
4. 21.84 SCW      Natola Wisnraen
5. 21.86 SCK      Mark Scholl
6. 26.40 PCL      Adagoberto Pilantra 

Heat 03
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.32 WES      Niko Pethz           Q
2. 21.45 STS      Sisto Evangelisti    Q
3. 22.49 PCL      Alexandre Popó 
4. 23.50 LEN      Tirano Tiraboliano
5. 23.57 KAN      Pedro Castelena 
6. 26.00 AET      Nicolas de Lenfent

Heat 04
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.76 SCK      Steve Singer         Q
2. 21.78 WES      Karl Tränner         Q
3. 21.79 STS      Checha Sylvia
4. 22.11 DEU      Max Sala
5. 22.30 CXG      Inno Tsui 
6. 25.00 TRI      Olćenan

Heat 05
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.46 CXG      Rocko Tanaka         Q
2. 21.75 AET      Raphael Temeraire    Q
3. 21.96 IWK      Max Maggerstein 
4. 22.54 KAN      Marcus Boglitelli 
5. 23.00 KYS      Yevgeni Ivanadze
6. 23.10 LEN      Iago Esiano

Heat 06
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 21.47 LOM      Hansie Oranje        Q
2. 21.77 SCK      Mario Itz            Q
3. 22.95 MIM      Talu'u Nangu
4. 23.05 PCL      Palhinha Peixe
5. 25.20 SAN      Lasse Birken

The first phase was dominated by Westrian and Chungxipangian swimmers, with three swimmers from each country making it to the two semifinals. The top three in each race, then, were qualified to the finals.

Semifinal 01
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 22.21 CGX      Zack Fujita       Q
2. 22.39 WES      Carlos Nass       Q
3. 22.42 WES      Niko Pethz        Q
4. 23.45 STS      Sisto Evangelisti 
5. 23.52 SCK      Steve Singer 
6. 24.58 AET      Vanyel Ashkevron

Semifinal 02
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 22.29 WES      Karl Tränner     Q
2. 23.37 CGX      Rocko Tanaka     Q
3. 23.50 CGX      G. C. Choy       Q
4. 23.65 LOM      Hansie Oranje
5. 24.10 SCK      Mario Itz
6. 24.50 AET      Raphael Temeraire
   Mark  Nation   Name
1. 22.27 WES      Carlos Nass    ***** GOLD
2. 22.28 CGX      Zack Fujit     ***** SILVER
3. 22.50 WES      Niko Pethz     ***** BRONZE
4. 22.65 WES      Karl Tränner
5. 22.68 CGX      Rocko Tanaka
6. 23.01 CGX      G. C. Choy

Suprisingly, the first swimming event was dominated by Westrian and Chungxipang, providing three swimmers each for the finals. Westrian Carlos Nass grabbed a gold with a 22.27 mark. Closely behind, Zack Fujit gained Chungxipang another medal, while Niko Pethz, from Westria, got the bronze.

Swimming, 50m freestyle (female)Edit

At midday, the 27 female swimmers entered the arena. They were divided in three heats of nine swimmers each, with the top three from each heat qualifying to the finals.

Heat 01
     Mark  Nation   Name
  1. 24.67 CXG      Erica Tsui          Q
  2. 24.90 WES      Annika Föhr         Q
  3. 24.91 STS      Chiara Galilei      Q
  4. 25.95 IWK      Britney There 
  5. 26.07 CXG      Rikki Moikami 
  6. 26.06 DEU      Anna Valdez 
  7. 26.14 KAN      Marinan Hellic 
  8. 26.57 AET      Melodie Kerouac 
  9. 27.01 BOB      Tania Kwetschner 

Heat 02
     Mark  Nation   Name
  1. 24.43 CXG      Se-Ri Wa            Q
  2. 24.46 WES      Ilse Lichter        Q
  3. 24.47 SCK      Stefana Panitz      Q
  4. 24.52 PCL      Alcarina al'Kharim 
  5. 25.63 STS      Quartilla Ferretti
  6. 25.71 WOO      Kela Jangawollong 
  7. 26.12 KAN      Helena Yellnants 
  8. 26.50 IWK      Jo Margarethen
  9. 26.58 LEN      Pedra Paltera

 Heat 03
     Mark  Nation   Name
  1. 24.27 SAN      Chantal Nixdorf     Q
  2. 24.42 SCK      Theresia Anker      Q
  3. 24.76 DEU      Trude Pinero        Q
  4. 24.86 CXG      Dina Marana 
  5. 25.90 KAL      Ute Tikal 
  6. 25.96 WES      Daniela Leicht
  7. 26.05 KYS      Ksana Skodavian
  8. 26.19 STS      Gardenia Pache 
  9. 26.55 WOO      Aya Saiki

    Mark  Nation   Name
 1. 24.05 CXG      Erica Tsui      ***** GOLD
 2. 24.06 CXG      Se-Ri Wa        ***** SILVER
 3. 24.09 WES      Annika Föhr     ***** BRONZE
 4. 24.17 WES      Ilse Lichter
 5. 24.26 SCK      Stefana Panitz 
 6. 24.56 SAN      Chantal Nixdorf 
 7. 24.65 SCK      Theresia Anker 
 8. 25.55 DEU      Trude Pinero 
 9. 25.61 STS      Chiara Galilei 

Once again, Chungxipang and Westria dominated the 50m freestyle - a pattern that will probably be repeated across all swimming events. Erica Tsiu and Se-Ri Wa got the gold and silver for Chungxipang, while Westrian Annika Föhr grabbed the bronze.

Boxing, strawweightEdit

The main gymnasium at Forte Valca, headquarters of the Portocapitalian National People's Army 2nd Division, were open to the public at 14:00. This is the venue for all the boxing matches of the games, which started with the strawweight tournment. Nineteen boxers from sixteen nations participated on the tournment.

Thirteen of these nations entered only one fighter for the event, with three nations - St. Samuel, Porto Capital and Niokolo Koba - supplying two boxers. These six boxers first entered a qualifying phase - the winners of these three bouts, subsequently, entered the normal playoff tournment with the remaining thirteen fighters.

  Bout 01
  Dino Dikembe      NKO Q (KO, 1st round)
  Caco Caique       PCL

  Bout 02
  Rodrigo Veraneio  PCL 
  Aquila Fortescue  STS Q (KO, 1st round)

  Bout 03
  Victor D'Agostino STS Q (KO, 1st round)
  Bruce Vialla      NKO

On Bout 01, Niokolo Koban Dino Dikembe beat Caco Caique from Porto Capital after just four well-placed punches after less then one minute of fight. On Bout 02, another defeat for the Portocapitalians, as Rodrigo Veraneio was knocked-out after mere eleven seconds by Aquila Fortescue from St. Samuel. Bout 03 was more even, however, but ended still on the first round, after two and half minutes, as Samuelonian D'Agostino landed a telling left bomb and Bruce Vialla, from Niokolo Koba toppled to the ground.

After this qualifying round, the sixteen remaining athletes were arranged on a playoff structure.

1st Round
  Bout 1-1
  NKO Dino Dikembe        
  STS Victor D'agostino   Q (decision)

  Bout 1-2
  AET Vindictus Aesalon 
  BOB Tamasz Hervert      Q (KO, 1st round)

  Bout 1-3 
  CXG Craig Hana          Q (KO, 1st round)
  DJR Haram Hauzudin

  Bout 1-4
  DEU Oscar Manolo        Q (decision)
  KYS Ari Koshvili 

  Bout 1-5
  KAN Carlos Gehilliv       
  KON Guddo G'Rudrel      Q (KO, 2nd round)

  Bout 1-6
  LEN Enrico Perez 
  LOM Hernando Sucker     Q (KO, 1st round)
  Bout 1-7
  RAS Floryan DeLoos    
  SCW Ezak Prútuen,       Q (KO, 1st round) 

  Bout 1-8
  POL Ulrich Jaankleep 
  STS Aquila Fortescue    Q (KO, 1st round)

On Bout 1-1, D'Agostino and Dikembe, both coming from the qualifying rounds, fought a very balanced match, with the Samuelonian fighter prevailing only on technical decision. Bout 1-4 also went all the way to the fourth round, with Oscar Manolo, from Deucoland, winning on decision, after nearly knocking out Koshvili, from Kasvria & Savarai, on every round.

  Bout 2-1
  STS Victor D'agostino
  BOB Tamasz Hervert     Q (decision)

  Bout 2-2
  CXG Craig Hana         Q (decision)
  DEU Oscar Manolo

  Bout 2-3
  KON Guddo G'Rudrel 
  LOM Hernando Sucker    Q (decision)

  Bout 2-4
  SCW Ezak Prútuen,      
  STS Aquila Fortescue   Q (KO, 4th round)
  Bout 3-1
  BOB Tamasz Hervert 
  CXG Craig Hana         Q (decision)

  Bout 3-2
  LOM Hernando Sucker 
  STS Aquila Fortescue   Q (decision)
  Bout 4-1 (third-place playoff)
  BOB Tamasz Hervert 
  LOM Hernando Sucker    W (KO, 2nd round)

  Bout 4-2 (final)
  CXG Craig Hana         
  STS Aquila Fortescue   W (KO, 4th round)

The final bout was very clouse throughout the fight, with both men delivering powerfull punches. Fontescue, however, prevailed after delivering a strong jab to the chest of his opponent on the 4th round. The Samuelonian fighter got the gold, with Craig Hana fom Chungxipang finishing with the silver. Hernando Sucker got a bronze, Lombriga's first medal so far.

Medal StandingsEdit

    Nation              GOLD  SILVER  BRONZE
1.  Niokolo Koba  (NKO)   2       1
2.  Chungxipang   (CGX)   1       3       3
6.  St. Samuel    (STS)   1       2
4.  Westria       (WES)   1               3
5.  Porto Capital (PCL)   1
6.  Solanchatka   (SCK)   1
7.  Shaelia       (SCW)           1
8.  Lombriga      (LOM)                   1
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