314 Tour of Samuelonia
Date 1st March - 30th March 314
Region Samuelonia, Angliyaa, Solanchatka and Trinia
Stages Road
Distance TBC
Winner TBC
2nd Place TBC
3rd Place TBC

The 314 Tour of Samuelonia will be the 101st edition of the Tour of Samuelonia. It is scheduled to start in Gildenport, Saint Maximus province, Samuelonia, on 1st March 314. The Tour will also feature two stages held in Angliyaa, one stage in Solanchatka and a section in Trinia.

The 314 Tour of Samuelonia will be the first time that foreign teams are permitted to enter the Tour.


Mariamburg Royals CC
Royal CC of Francisco
Trollington Wheelers CC
Team San Di Angelo
Team Charlemont
Avendorf Raiders
Bretonium Ironside CC
Charlemont Cavillers CC
Stamford Demons CC
Donaldheim Saints CC
Guildford Rhinos CC
Arlington Arrows CC
Orangeborg CC
Francguard Rifles CC
Sarradina Scorpions CC
Chichester Chaos CC
Ottadorf Kings CC
Königsberg Dragons CC
Freundhampton CC
Rockhampton Royals CC
Sephak Cyclers
Havlin Pharmaceuticals


Tour of Samuelonian 313
Stage Course Type Distance
1 Gildenport - Oskalilly Timetrial Time Trial 193km
2 Vandenburg - Sancarin Flag-trinia - Montmanuel Mountainstage Mountain Stage 241km
3 Vulnabroëk Sck1 - Viltensvlick Sck1 Flatstage Flat Stage 236km
4 Avendorf - Skoldmark Mountainstage Mountain Stage
5 Rohanheim - Calvona Flatstage Flat Stage
6 Ellihammer - Lyonsburg Mountainstage Mountain Stage
7 Fort Scotia - Saint Ellys Angliyaaflag Timetrial Team Time Trial
8 Malstyn Angliyaaflag - Tolino Angliyaaflag Flatstage Flat Stage
9 Fort Jamestown - Omar Pines MountainstageMountain Stage
10 Durenburg - Ingledorf Flatstage Flat Stage
11 Ibelin - Woodgate Hillstage Hill Stage
12 Somesta - San Mossia Hillstage Hill Stage
13 Hornguard - Lorsica Flatstage Flat Stage
14 Mariamburg - New Hastings Flatstage Flat Stage
15 Darwinsburg - Atlantica Heights Timetrial Time Trial
16 Dalmandy - Saint Ducreux Flatstage Flat Stage
17 Arbourne Wood - White Harbour FlatstageFlat Stage
18 Capri Dumont - Rockhampton Hillstage Hill Stage
19 Rockhampton - Villa Ardina Mountainstage Mountain Stage
20 Zaloempoli - Emiliano Mountainstage Mountain Stage
21 Unionburg - Fenchurch Mountainstage Mountain Stage
22 Edbourne Vale - Sutton Hillstage Hill Stage
23 Richmond - Port Eden Timetrial Team Time Trial
24 Dominic Bay - Rossalyne Flatstage Flat Stage
25 Charlemont - Francisco Flatstage Flat Stage

Stage 1Edit

Saturday 1st March 314, Gildenport to Oskalilly (Time Trial, 193km)

Stage 2Edit

Sunday 2nd March 314

Stage 3Edit

Monday 3rd March 314

Stage 4Edit

Tuesday 4th March 314

Stage 5Edit

Thursday 6th March 314

Stage 6Edit

Friday 7th March 314

Stage 7Edit

Saturday 8th March 314

Stage 8Edit

Sunday 9th March 314

Stage 9Edit

Tuesday 11th March 314

Stage 10Edit

Wednesday 12th March 314

Stage 11Edit

Friday 14th March 314

Stage 12Edit

Saturday 15th March 314

Stage 13Edit

Stage 14Edit

Stage 15Edit

Stage 16Edit

Stage 17Edit

Stage 18Edit

Stage 19Edit

Stage 20Edit

Stage 21Edit

Stage 22Edit

Stage 23Edit

Stage 24Edit

Stage 25Edit

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