GK  Jimi Cooke   33       
 GK  Bebeto Denilson   26       
 D  Monyakul Sankaow   31       
 D  Alessandro Pernambucano   29       
 D  Hugh Dranier   29       
 D  Mathéus Pimenta   28       
 D  Guido Pelé   26       
 D  Álvaro Juninho   23       
 MF  Pontus Wigström   33       
 MF  Rodrigo Romero   30       
 MF  Luiz Figueiredo   28       
 MF  Rafael Quintal   25       
 MF  Randy Peake   20       
 MF  Sam Fawlty   19       
 MF  Leigh Duerden   18       
 F  Preston Tinkler   33       
 F  Christiano Nazario   29       
 F  Go Hisanaga   24      
 F  Freddie Atlee   24

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