The Royal Aethelnian Marines Corps (abbrev. RAEMC) is the marine corps of Aethelnia.


Marines (from the Ingallish adjective "marine," meaning "of the sea," from Lilliani language "mare," meaning sea, via Phenixian adjective "marin(e)," "of the sea") are, in principle, seaborne or seagoing land soldiers that are part of a navy. However, in some countries Marines are not part of the navy, but an independent armed force falling only administratively under the navy.

The exact term "marine" does not exist in many other languages. Typically, foreign equivalents are called "naval infantry". In Phenixian-speaking countries, two terms exist which could be translated as "marine": "troupes de marine" and "fusiliers-marins"; similar pseudo-translations exist elsewhere, e.g. "Fuzileiros Navais" in Arosian. The word "marine" means Navy in many Vexillium languages such as Hibernian, Phenixian and Gardlian.

The RAEMC is known in the other offical languages of the kingdom as, Phenixian: Troupes de Marine Royale de l'Etelnie, Hibernian: Infanteria de Marina Real del Reino Atelnia, Gardlian: Koenigliche Aethelnische Seebatallione


Historically, Marines served on board warships, assisted the crew in battles, boarded enemy ships, conducted small coastal raids, protected the officers from mutiny by the crew, protected ports and naval bases, and served as a landing force.

As a result of their mixed land and naval role, Marine forces are mainly specialized in amphibious assaults using infantry, armour, aircraft, and watercraft.

The RAEMC was reformed in year 301-305.


The RAEMC doesn't have it's own flag, since it is part of the Royal Aethelnian Navy. However, it does have it's own insigna, standards and rank flags.

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