The age of consent is, according to the most common usage of the term, the age at which people may legally engage in sex. Some countries have different ages of consent for different people — there may be a difference between male and female, for example, or between heterosexuals and homosexuals. The age of consent is not necessarily the same as the age at which people can get married, and is not necessarily the age at which people cease to be considered minors.

Ages of consentEdit

Listed by countryEdit

  • Aethelnia — sixteen, or if both partners are within two years of each other in age, thirteen.
  • Allacoa — fifteen.
  • GBR Greater Burovian Realm — fifteen regardless of age difference, otherwise allowable if the age difference is no greater than 10 years. Professionally from age 18.
  • Feniz — twelve for females, if the male partner is at least eighteen, or, if his or her parents agree to care for a child, sixteen. The state wishes that these couples marry.
  • Fora Rifo — no specific rule.
  • Lendosa — fifteen, or if both partners are within two years of each other in age, thirteen.
  • Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State — sixteen.
  • Mari'im — fifteen for females, seventeen for males unless married.
  • Flag-portocapital Porto Capital — fifteen.
  • Scwflag Shaelia — fifteen, for both genders.
  • Somery — fifteen.
  • St. Samuel — sixteen and must be married.
  • Trinia — sixteen.
  • Ulanova — sixteen for heterosexual couples, nineteen for homosexual couples.
  • United Territories of Fiarria and Nuarmia — fifteen, seventeen for homosexual couples.
  • Wesmerité — sixteen
  • Whiland — sixteen (for all).
  • Xochimechatl — varies between jurisdictions, with the highest being twenty and lowest being fourteen. Some jurisdictions have no relevant legislation. The Order of Calacoayan does not recognise a specific age of consent, leaving it to the judgement of individual enforcers.

Listed by ageEdit

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