Aldin I of Samuelonia (Aldin Vaperus Fernandino, born 2381 BP, died 2342 BP) was King of Samuelonia from 2360 BP to 2342 BP. Aldin was the second son of King Lewin I of Samuelonia by his second wife Unya of Correana and the half brother of King Omar I of Samuelonia. He became King in 2360 BP after Omar was killed.

Early lifeEdit

Aldin was born in 2381 BP, the son of Lewin I of Samuelonia and his second wife, Unya of Correana. He had an older half sister, Tareena and half brother Omar I of Samuelonia.

Growing up, Aldin became the favoured son and his relationship with Omar was fragile.

King of SamueloniaEdit

By 2361 BP, Lewin fell ill and as his strength deteriorated he made it be known that he wished for Aldin to become King upon his death. News reached Omar of this and many believe it was Omar that killed his father.

As news spread of King Lewin's death, Omar ordered the Roual Guard to detain his half brother, Aldin. With Aldin imprisoned, Omar had himself crowned King.

Princess Tareena begged her brother to release Aldin, which achieved little other than the fury of the King. Tareena arranged safe passage for her children and her step-mother to Vallcadinia and then helped Aldin escape along with a group of nobles loyal to Tareena.

Tareena's plans went well until her step mother Unya and Tareena's four children were captured and bought before Omar. Omar showed no pity on them and had them all publicly tortured and killed, before pronouncing his sister and half brother traitors.

The small folk feared a return of dark times with Omar's brutal actions, but his rule was to be short lived, when he was assassinated by Prince Arathenian, Duke of Drakon. Arathenian had been summoned by the King to a war council and the son of Odyn, took the opportunity to draw his dagger and murder Omar.

Aldin returned to Francisco where he was crowned King. In 2358 BP, Aldin married Karosia of Jandemine, who he had four children with, Samuelus, born in 2355 BP, Braden born in 2351 BP, Elania born in 2348 BP and Andacius born in 2344 BP.

Throughout Aldin's reign he remained close to his half sister Tareena who held considerable power in the Royal Court.

Aldin's reign was a period of stability and growth but the popular King's reign was prematurely ended with his death in 2342 BP.


Karosia of Jandemine:

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