Allen-Stayton Racing
Owner(s)Ken Allen, Shirley Allen, Mark Stayton
BaseHarringtun, Pentagonia, Eastern Zartania
SeriesCrown Cup Series
Race drivers42. Faraj al-Nafar
94. Ketill Margeirsson
95. Glenn Allen
Sponsors42. VexTel/Klynyra
94. SHØP/Beltrone & Co.
95. WOLFF Motion Pictures/Stayton Motorcycles
ManufacturerVeron (299AP-)
Debut299AP Royal Zartanian 500
Latest race314AP You-Cola 500
Races competedstill counting
Drivers' Championships0
Owners' Championships0
Race victories10
Pole positions13

Allen-Stayton Racing was formed in 298AP in anticipation of the start of the RZOEAZ professional stock car racing league in 299AP. The team is owned by husband and wife Ken and Shirley Allen from Harringtun in Pentagonia stek, and their nephew Mark Stayton. The couple's oldest son, Glenn Allen, has driven the team's No. 95 car since their inaugural season, while their younger son, Darrell Allen, spent only two years with the team before moving to other employment.




Following the 299AP season, Allen-Stayton Racing purchased the No. 42 car from rival owner Petty's Enterprise following that organization's decision to reduce their operations from three cars to two. The No. 42 team transitioned from Parmiyon cars to Veron, and brought with them sponsor WOLFF Motion Pictures and driver Charles Karhoff.

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