Layout of the Alphalpha Island Circuit


Logo of traditional Alphalpha Island GP sponsor AeroLuft

The Alphalpha Island Grand Prix (also referred to as Alphalpha Island Grand Prix of the Deucolands, or Alphalpha Island 300) is one of Vexillium's most prestigious open-wheel racing event, and one of the three longest-running events on the ICARA calendar.

The race is run on the Alphalpha Island Circuit, a road course within the city limits of Kaap Kierk, Freysariya, the Deucolands, and has been sponsored by Deuco airline AeroLuft from its inception in 300AP, when it was one of the first 3 ICARA races in the "Mini-Series".

List of Winners: Edit

The table below lists the Alphalpha Island Grand Prix Champions since the race's establishment in 300 AP.

List of Alphalpha Island GP Champions
Year # Driver Nation Team
315AP 47 Kalmeth Tzornyfval KTZ Donovan-Kunghai
314AP 26 Aimeric Geulfsprecken Flag-draconia Saqlain
313AP 15 Zoltar Clemént REZ Veron
311AP 30 Alec Salvarro Deucosm Zerus-Icaro
310AP 3 Curzon Havillant IWKflag Schnysna
309AP 99 Anton Echevarria Deucosm Daentzel
308AP 1 Jacques Taniai Chungxipang Kunghai
307AP 7 Nikhlas Denim Babendy Valkan
306AP 8 Jonathan Bregenza Solanch Valkan
305AP 27 Curzon Havillant IWKflag Isolde-Valkan
304AP 1 Korana Setusu Utania Valkan
303AP 34 Karlheinz Osceola Deucosm Rolfe
302AP 40 Duffreigh Shein Somnat1 Morlett
301AP 32 Stavros Del Ransom Flag-morania-small Martino-Daki
300AP 17 Jacques Taniai Chungxipang Kunghai

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