Anticus I (Anticus Flavius Jordacia Gellantara; born 2433 BP, was King of Samuelonia from 2417 BP until his death in 2409 BP. Anticus was the 8th monarch of the Gellantara dynasty.

Early lifeEdit

Anticus was born in 2433 BP, the second son of Samuelus III of Samuelonia and Ajacia of Jandemine. Samuelus' first son died an infant and Anticus became heir to the Kingdom.

King of SamueloniaEdit

Anticus was crowned King of Samuelonia in 2417 BP, when his father died after his ship sank in the Black Sea. At the age 16, Anticus relied heavily on his uncle Odyn, to run the Kingdom and support his place as King.

After four years of rule, Odyn was all but running the Kingdom, whilst Anticus preferred to hold lavish parties. In 2413 BP Anticus married Juliza of Drakonia and they went on to have two children, a daughter named Rilona in 2412 BP and a son, Nicholias in 2410 BP.

Anticus' reign was cut short in 2409 BP when fell of his horse in drunken stupor, hitting his head which bought about his death.

With the heir apparent, Nicholias barely a year old, Anticus' brother attempted to rally support for his claim to the throne, however his uncle, Odyn once more was the popular choice. Odyn however supported the rightful heir and crowned Nicholias King of Samuelonia himself.

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