File:Feniz flag Apshograd.gif

Apshograd is the main harbour of the Fenizic Emirate of Mokra.

Geographic situation Edit

Apshograd is situated at the mouth of the NNNNNNNNN river on the coast of the Futuronian Ocean.

Demographics Edit

Apshograd has about 660,000 inhabitants.

History Edit

Apshograd is one of the Liliani colonies founded around 1100 BP.

Apshograd was the main naval port of Hochlandia. The Royal Navy is still using it.

Landmarks and Tourism Edit

Apshograd has no landmarks and no tourism of importance.

Economy and Transport Edit

Apshograd has a big harbour with facilities to handle every type of cargo. It is the main import harbour for goods brought from Utania by the FUME Shipping line. IMPUTAN, mother company of FUME, have their headquarters in Apshograd.

Apshograd is a station on the Occidental Express railway.

The airport of Apshograd has a grass runway only and is of no importance. It is planned to build a bigger, regional airport.

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