Archbishop Ian Paul

The Cruisian community in the Archbishoprick of Odesiuky are led by Archbishop Ian Paul who resides in Odesiuky (Emirate of Mokra, Feniz). He is closely related to the Church of Cruisana.

His jurisdiction comprises all Feniz. In special, the Sheikdom of the Fenis is completely Cruisian as are those parts of northern Mokra which have been part of the Reign of Fenia.

The Archbishoprick was founded on 6th January 1295 BP, 1600 years ago, by Duke Edward of Fenia who appointed his younger brother Jacob first Archbishop of Odesiuky.

-1030-1106 Kaiserdom in Speyer
The cathedral of Odesuiky was built 670 - 594 BP. It is the historic burial-place of the dukes of Fenia.

The Archepiscopal Treasury contains such fine artwork as the Gisulf's Cross, c 1100 BP.

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