Arianse is a major computer manufacturer, based in Lendosa. It produces nearly 90% of the personal computers used in Lendosa, although much of this is a legacy of now-ended government protectionism.

Arianse was originally a state monopoly known as the Corporatio Nationalo Ordinatoriano Digitalo (National Digital Computing Corporation), or CNOD. Arianse, which roughly translates as "horizon", was the brand-name used for most of its consumer products. When it was decided to privatise the company in 201 AP, the name Arianse (which was better known than the company behind it) was adopted as the corporation's official name. Today, three quarters of Arianse is owned by Lanatira (Lendosa's biggest company), with the remaining quarter being split 3:2 between INS (a network systems company) and the state-owned Institute of Computing.

[TECH: Arianse computers in Vex are roughly parallel to the old Amiga computers of Earth. Modern Arianse computers are what Amigas might have evolved into if they had stayed around.]

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