Arianse-Red Buffalo
Base Samuelonia
Founded 314
Discipline Road bicycle racing
Status ProTeam
Bicyles Arvondale
Manager Arnold Dovecoat
Directeur Sportif Hugh de Bayle

Arianse-Red Buffalo, formerly Red Buffalo Racing is a Samuelonian professional cycling team. The team was founded in 314 and accepted to compete in the 314 Tour of Samuelonia. RBR will be competing in 314 with Samuelonian rider Franc Ordencourt, Utanian, Rob Swan, Cruisanian, Theo Johanssen and Klawes Tönjesen from Meckeln-Flamlandt.

In January 316, directeur sportif, Hugh de Bayle announced the team would take on a second sponsor, with Lendosan computer company, Arianse entering co-sponsorship with Red Buffalo and the team would be rebranded Arianse-Red Buffalo for the new season.

Current TeamEdit

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