ANNV flag

The Association of Neutral Nations in Vexillium, or ANNV, is an international organisation whose members pledge to remain uninvolved in international conflict and wars. This requirement is strictly enforced, and nations which are deemed to be in breach of it are subject to expulsion.

Due to its neutrality, the ANNV is often entrusted with responsibility for ensuring fairness and honesty in situations where there might otherwise be accusations of bias. For example, the ANNV has monitored (sometimes in conjunction with the UNV) a number of elections and referendums in troubled territories.

The ANNV maintains a body known as the International Neutral Justice Commission, or INJC. The INJC is a panel from which countries engaged in a dispute may seek adjudication — the committee, being comprised of ANNV member nations, is seen as unbiased due to its neutrality in international conflicts. . The INJC's recommendations must be sought voluntarily, but are binding once issued.

The ANNV is headquartered in Snaeffellstadir, the capital of Islandia.


Current members of the ANNV are:


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