Augustenburg is the administrative capital of the Saint Kleos province, with a population of 211,642, making it the largest city in the province.


Prior to 1046BP, the city of Augustenburg was little more than a trading outpost. It was the Knights of Cruis that founded the fortress of Augustenburg, which was used as their fronteir stronghold during the Religous Wars. The town quickly grew into a huge tent city for mercenaries and crusaders.

By 1017BP, Augustenburg had grown into an important trade centre and had a population of around 20,000 and was made the administrative capital of the Saint Kleos province. During the 2nd and 3rd Religous Wars, the city was the target of Mounist forces and was besieged a number of times, but the city never fell thanks to it's strong mountainous fortress position.

In 791BP the Palace of Augustenburg was built over looking the city on Mont Yemithyst. The city was constructed by the ruling Metorborg family.

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