Belrivage is a province in the central Phenxia and also one of the Home Counties bordering Greater Cèdre. Belrivage shares borders with Île de Phenixie, Mediterre, Lynxais, Terrehaute, Champoise and Berribourg. The administrative capital is Montriene.


Towns and citiesEdit

Flag Phenixia   Provinces of Phenixia   Flag Phenixia
Belrivage1 BelrivageBerribourg BerribourgCedre CèdreChampoise ChampoiseCotedusud Côte du SudCretagne CrétagneIledephenixie Île de PhenixieLavergne LavergneLimonais LimonaisLynxais LynxaisMediterre MediterreNivorly NivorlyOccitanie OccitaniePaysdunord Pays du NordPicartois PicartoisRequine RequinéSaintanges SaintangesTerrehaute TerrehauteVinterre VinterreMoncassa Principality of MoncasaPanoraigne Principality of Panoraigne

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