Berlainmont Hotel Group
Founded 183 AP
Headquarters Francisco (High Samuelonia), UFK of St. Samuel
Company President Lord Oscar Berlainmont
Industry Hospitality
Employees 189,418

Berlainmont Hotels is an international chain of full-service hotels and resorts founded by Lord Lucifer Berlainmont founded in 183AP in Francisco, St. Samuel. The Berlainmont Hotel group currently own 582 hotels across Vexillium. Besides luxuty hotels, Berlainmont also own a number of holiday complexes and leisure hotels.



Three of Berlainmont's luxury hotels

The first Berlainmont Hotel was opened in Francisco, High Samuelonia province, St. Samuel, in 183AP by retired Samuelonian General, Lord Lucifer Berlainmont. Upon retiring from the army, Lord Berlainmont used his generous retirement package to purchase a block in the up-market St. Bernard Street, Central Francisco. He opened the Berlainmont - Saint Bernard Hotel on December the 29th 183AP and he ran the exclusive hotel upon millitary lines. With the initial success of his first hotel he opened a further three hotels the following year in Mont Canisi, Zurghada and Véoncy.

Lord Berlainmont continued the rapid expansion, opening properties along the entire West coast and the success and popularity of Berlainmont was unprecedented. The chain of hotels became famed for there style and glamour and the "General," as his staff called him, recruited a large number of former army colleagues to assist in the running of his hotels.

Lord Lucifer Berlainmont died in 201AP and his son, Georgi Berlainmont took over ownership of the chain. Georgi continued in his fathers foot steps and by 210AP, owned 45 hotels across St. Samuel. Georgi opened his first hotel abroad in 214AP, in Cruishaven, Cruisana.

The company has remained in the Berlainmont to this day and the multi-million crown hotel group now runs 582 hotels across Vexillium. The current company president is Lord Oscar Berlainmont.

Company Details Edit

Company President: Lord Oscar Berlainmont

Employees: 189,418

Berlainmont Hotels by Country Edit

Berlainmont Hotels
Country Number of hotels
Aethelnia 37
Angliyaa 27
Cruisana 49
Davenport 25
Dascunya 30
Draconia 12
Feniz 19
Lamb's Cove 31
Neoliliana 48
Porto Capital 33
Shaelic Commonwealth 27
St. Samuel 211
Sutherfold 4
Utania 4
Vingarmark 12
Wesmerite 7
Whiland 6

Holiday Resorts Edit


The Royal Samuelonia Resort in Thunder Bay, Saint Lucius province


The Royal Pines Resort in Cruisana

Saint Samuel

  • Berlainmont Dark Sea Resort, Fuerta Callai, Saint Lysander province
  • Berlainmont Lords Haven Resort, Leonards Bay, Saint Sembus province
  • Berlainmont Maria Beach Resort, Thunder Bay, Saint Lucius province
  • Berlainmont Palm Cove Resort, Altaria, Saint Lysander province
  • Berlainmont Royal Sunset Resort, San Liberty Bay, Saint Lysander province
  • Berlainmont Royal Samuelonia Resort, Thunder Bay, Saint Lucius province
  • Berlainmont Royal Véoncy Resort, Véoncy, Saint Samoria province


  • Berlainmont Ocean View Resort, Shipshaven
  • Berlainmont Royal Mayfair, Copehaven
  • Berlainmont Royal Pines Resort, Royal Pines


  • Berlainmont Royal Marlboro, Sainte Lise

Lambs Cove

  • Berlainmont Crystal Bay, Clearwater
  • Berlainmont Myo, Beach Resort

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