Blue Ox Energy Drink 250
Venue Burning Rubber Speedway
Location Pimpre, IWK
Racing Series RZOEAZ
Sponsor Blue Ox Energy Drink
First Race 314AP
Previous Names Kukurian Koffeé 200 (314AP-316AP)
Reigning Race Winner Korinna Forquer

The Blue Ox Energy Drink 250 is one of 73 events that make up the RZOEAZ Crown Cup Series stock car racing season. The race is held at Burning Rubber Speedway in Pimpre, Shingara, IWK. It has been held annually from since 314AP, when the RZOEAZ expanded its schedule to include a second event each weekend. The race takes place on Saturday, and is paired with the Kukurian Koffeé 500 that takes place on Sunday. The inaugural race was won by Eastern Zartanian driver and former Crown Cup Champion Mahlon Belcher, and the reigning race winner is Eastern Zartanian driver and reigning Crown Cup Champion Korinna Forquer. The race has been won twice from the pole position, once in 315AP by Harvey Dundeinburg and then in 317AP by Forquer. Below is a list of previous events run, the pole sitter, and the race winner.

Past WinnersEdit

Year Date Pole Sitter Winner Car Team
317AP 4 Mar Korinna Forquer (#41) Korinna Forquer #41 Champons/WanggIsil Kunghai Kunghai Werks Team
316AP 3 Sep Franco della Marino (#45) Georg Medniv #55 Jack Squatt Tekliv T.Estes Racing
315AP 5 Sep Harvey Dundeinburg (#68) Harvey Dundeinburg #68 Nadic Saqlain Burgium Racing Syndicate
314AP 11 Apr Merton Gray (#18) Mahlon Belcher #02 Red Buffalo/LPS Parmiyon Team MDN

Multiple Wins - DriversEdit


Multiple Wins - TeamsEdit


Multiple Wins - ManufacturersEdit


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