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Bojarka is a county in the Emirate Sukha of Feniz.

The Bojarkan People's Party (Bojarkische Volkspartei, BVP) fights for Bojarka to become an Autonomous Emirate.

Geographic situation Edit

Bojarka is situated in south-eastern Feniz; it comprises mainly the Murus Mountains and its surroundings. Bojarka has borders with Aethelnia in the east and Angliyaa in the south. The capital of Bojarka is also called Bojarka.

Demographics Edit

Bojarka has about one million inhabitants.

History Edit

The nearly pure Gardlian people in Bojarka is presumably a relic of the Gardlies or Lumattans. This autochthonous people has been pushed back by the invading Kralians and could finally stand their ground in the Murus Mountains and their immediate surroundings only.

Landmarks and Tourism Edit

Bojarka ...

Economy and Transport Edit

Bojarka ...

Culture and Sports Edit

Bojarka speaks mostly Fränkisch. There is one newspaper in Fränkisch language, the Neue Liebe Gazette, which has orinally been a medium of the enemies of the Fränkisch.

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