Braden I of Samuelonia (Braden Ossiya Fernandino, born 2351 BP, died 2311 BP) was King of Samuelonia from 2339 BP to 2311 BP. Braden was the second son of King Aldin I of Samuelonia by his wife Korina of Jandemine. He became King at the age of twelve after the death of his brother, Samuelus IV of Samuelonia.

Early life and reignEdit

Braden was born in Francisco in 2351 BP, the second son of Aldin I of Samuelonia and his wife Korina of Jandemine.

He was crowned King at the age of 12 and during his early years as King, his aunt, Tareena of Samuelonia acted as Regent for the Young King.

Braden was extremely devout and during his reign a large number of temple's were built. His devotion to the gods was so great, he surrounded himself with High Priests and Temple Elders who became his advisors. His greatest legacy is said to be the Grand Temple of Odyn, which was eventually completed during the reign of his son.

In 2335 BP he married Owuna of Vellcadini who he had a three sons and two daughter with.

Kylonian revoltEdit

Braden led his forces during the Kylonian revolts of 2318 BP to 2315 BP which saw a number of grand victories. Once the revolt had been put down, Braden set about constructing a large number of forts across southern Samuelonia.

Later lifeEdit

By 2312 BP Braden's health began to deteriorate and he began preparing for his eldest son, Quintus to take over. The following year Braden finally succumbed to his illness and the throne passed to Quintus III of Samuelonia.


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