Area 18,251 sq.kms (15)
Population 735,000 (18)
Pop.density 40/ (15)
Shire seat Bramleigh
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 10
Mail code BR
Motto Cyfoethog pob dedwydd

Bramleighshire is a shire of Somery. The shire lies in the northern part of lathe Lynnest and covers the two valleys of the rivers Dunne and Whill, separated by the gently rolling uplands of the Warrow Downs. Part of Michelweald covers the eastern part. The Dunstith Downs, to the west, form part of the boundary against Campshire.

Three old districts or deans make up the present shire, Dunne Netherdean(basically the Dunne valley south of Overgreen Wold), Dunne Overdean (the upper Dunne valley), and Whilden (centred in the valley of the river Whill). These deans were over the years in varying degrees connected to lathe Lynnest but when the great shire reform came to be they formed a shire of their own.

The shire is famous for the Three Deans Quire Frels, an annual choir festival, with Bramleigh, Dunster, and Dunne Eaden taking turns as host.

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