Brighton is a city, located in the New South Dascunya province, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. The city, located on the banks of Lake Coldean, emerged as a health resort featuring lake side bathing during the early 200's and became a destination for day-trippers from Rochester after the arrival of the railway in 231 AP.

Brighton has two universities and a medical academy. The city is home to Brighton Rovers FC, who currently play in the top flight of Samuelonian football. The city currently has a population of 148,736.


The city of Brighton was founded in 1438 BP as a fishing village by Ingallish settlers. A number of small fishing villages were founded over the next 100 years along the north bank of Lake Coldean, which included the villages of Bradwell Point, Nelsonwich Island, Old Covewich, New Christiansrich and Oaking Springs.

The fishing villages around Lake Coldean prospered and by 800 BP had amalgamated into the city of Brighton.


  • Central Brighton
  • Bradwell Point
  • Nelsonwich Island
  • Old Covewich
  • New Christiansrich
  • Oaking Springs
  • Burlingdam
  • Westrich
  • North Jacksonbay
  • South Jacksonbay
  • Fortstead
  • Mount Oxway


Brighton has two universities and a medical academy:

  • University of Brighton
  • Jacksonbay University
  • Royal Brighton Medical Academy

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