Bruno Maxim
\F1 & ICARA driver Bruno Maxim
Born 19 June 279AP
Eastharbor, Brytanea, Eastern Zartania
Achievements None
Racing Series Formula 1
Best Pts Finish 9th (299AP)
Last Race 300AP Caboteniasa Grand Prix
Starts 14+
Wins 0
Podiums 1
Poles 0
Racing Series ICARA
Best Pts Finish ??
Last Race ??
Starts ??
Wins ??
Podiums ??
Poles 0

Bruno Maxim (born 19 June 279AP) is an Eastern Zartanian open-wheel race car driver competing in the ICARA racing series. He resides in his hometown of Eastharbor, Brytanea, Eastern Zartania. He previously drove open-wheel cars in Formula 1 until that series became defunct. He is married to his wife, Krysta, and they have four children: Bek (15), Mal (13), Ky (9), and Jyn (5).

Early LifeEdit

Formula 1 CareerEdit

299AP SeasonEdit

300AP SeasonEdit

Career StatsEdit

Year Car# Team Start Pole Win Podium Finish
300AP #16 Manaar-Shenhua 7+ 0 0 1 ??
299AP #19 Manaar-Shenhua 7 0 0 1 ??

ICARA CareerEdit

303AP SeasonEdit

Bruno Maxim had doggedly bad luck all season, but managed to score his first (and the only Zartanian) win in Babendy.

304AP SeasonEdit

Bruno Maxim had a mixed season, but seemed to be generally improving, driving the less-than-stellar Savant.

305AP SeasonEdit

In 305AP, Maxim was chosen to fill one of the seats in the ICARA start-up Parmiyon team. Sitting in the No. 17 car, Maxim managed to qualify for all but one of the 30 races that season. However, a string of bad luck leading to multiple DNFs ended up relegating the Eastern Zartanian star to a disappointing 15th place overall points finish.

306AP SeasonEdit

Maxim was in the title hunt for a while, but his later season wasn't so good. It seems that he lost a bit of steam as Korana Setusu gained it back, but he is enjoying some of the success everyone wants him to have, and things should continue well for 307AP.

307AP SeasonEdit

Maxim's 307AP season got off to a good start with a win in the Lanarchian Sardines Grand Prix of Fiarria in Week 8, stealing the win from his teammate and ruffling more than a few feathers. Controversy, though, shrouded what was the best season of Maxim's career to that point as Satosan teammate Korana Setesu blatantly accused Maxim of losing the championship for him in Week 8. And so the driver that finished 6th in the points standings found himself fired after two amazing seasons with the Chungese manufacturer and in search of a job.

308AP SeasonEdit

After being unceremoniously released from Satosan following the conclusion of the 307AP season, Maxim was approached by TDCorp privateer upstart Xibalbá-Kunghai "and the talented engineers at Satosan who are pissed at the team's mishandling of the Setusu/Maxim feud (basically, those who think Setusu's a crybaby). The team is going to get a good car tuned to a pair of Kunghai engines, and run the hell out of them, and have the party of several lifetimes alongside." Maxim immediately jumped at the opportunity to show his former teammate at Satosan what it's like to truly be robbed of a championship in 308AP.

309AP Season Edit

Staying with Xibalbá-Kunghai for the 309 season, Maxim turned more heads by winning the season-opener Stratoval 500, and would go on to win another race, the Lanarchian Sardines Grand Prix of Fiarria. While in title contention early in the season, his form would fade a bit later, but Bruno ended up finishing the season in 9th place overall, scoring another podium at the Green Hornet 300 and a pole position at the Grand Prix of Utania.

310AP Season Edit


311AP Season Edit

Maxim became the first and so far only driver in ICARA history to decline racing the #1 car in the year following his Championship Title, instead opting to don his familiar and hugely popular #69. Maxim won one race and was robbed of a few other wins by bad luck, overall putting up a very decent title defense finishing 7th in the championship standings. His season ended with the shocking announcement that Xibalbá-Kunghai would withdraw from all racing due to Tatic Conrado's disillusionment with the open-wheel "split" orchestrated by the rebooted IAF Formula 1, and the conflicts it created in the sport.

315AP Season Edit

After a hiatus of over a year, Bruno Maxim was called up by team Daentzel to replace their regular driver Sandrine Molyneaux, who had sustained an injury at the Klagstein Motors Grand Prix of Westria. The 310AP Champion seemed to have regained his spunk, scoring a remarkable two podium finishes in his 6 races during the end of the 315AP ICARA Season.

316AP Season Edit

Bruno's dream comeback was complete with the exciting announcement that Xibalbá was returning to ICARA competition, Maxim teaming up with 315AP Rookie of the Year, Deiloun d'Aladin in the traditional #69/#96 number combo. The team was coming to terms with a new drivetrain partner in Saqlain, and getting back into the groove of things, but all in all it was a successful return to ICARA action for Maxim, even though winless for the season, with 6 podium finishes.

Career StatsEdit

316AP #69 Xibalbá-Saqlain 48 0 3 3 6 16th
315AP #98 Daentzel 6 0 0 0 2 55th
313AP #56 Cinq-Mars 19 0 0 1 3 14th
312AP #56 Cinq-Mars 26 1 3 1 2 8th
311AP #69 Xibalbá-Kunghai 36 1 4 3 5 7th
310AP #69 Xibalbá-Kunghai 36 5 5 7 6 1st
309AP #69 Xibalbá-Kunghai 30 2 1 2 3 8th
308AP #69 Xibalbá-Kunghai 30 2 2 2 4 4th
307AP #5 Satosan 30 1 0 0 2 6th
306AP #5 Satosan 30 1 1 3 4 13th
305AP #17 Parmiyon 30 0 1 0 4 15th
304AP #9 Savant 28 0 0 0 1 29th
303AP #9 Savant 28 1 0 0 2 30th

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