Area 38,821 sq.kms (3)
Population 1,200,000 (9)
Pop.density 31/ (21)
Shire seat Campton
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 17
Mail code CA
Motto Amare non bellum inferre
(To make love, not war)

Campshire is a shire of Somery. The shire covers the part of lathe Mar called Camden Mar, i.e. the valleys of the rivers Cam and Dewre, both flowing into the Mordewre Bay. The thane of Mar had his court in Marthen, which is in today's Marthenshire, while Camden Mar was ruled on his behalf by a stead thane seated in Campton.

The eastern and northern boundaries are formed by the ridges of the Rimn Hills, which boast with some of the highest hills north of the Angel Mts, crowned by Monrowry Hill in Hundred Rowry. Being the highest peak of the Rimn Hills it contributes to the northern part of the shire being a mountainous inland. For those interested in skiing the Rimn Hills may be a cheaper alternative to the sometimes overcrowded Dellswyshire Dawes, although snowfall can be fickle.

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