Capitalism is an economic and/or political ideology. There are variations of the definition of capitalism (some of which may overlap and complement libertarianism), formulated both by adherents and by detractors, but on the whole, most capitalists favor minimal government intervention into the economic and political realms of society, the private ownership of the factors of production (land, labor and capital), individualism and the rule of law.

Capitalist countries and movementsEdit

Some states are explicitly built around the capitalist ideology, incorporating it into their constitutional framework, their legal system, and their economic system.

  • Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State — the Listonian Free State is one of the better recognized capitalist nations on Vexillium. Although a capitalistic state as a consequence of the current party in power, the Free Democratic Party, many Listonians of other political parties or philosophies are sympathetic to individualism and laissez-faire attitudes.

Types of capitalismEdit

Regional variantsEdit

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