Clarincourt Province
Motto " "
Capital San Ambrinio
Cities Marianopoli, Los Cougar, Edmunton, Aragona
Population 2,219,289
Governor Lord Roberto Cannaviado

Clarincourt is one of twenty provinces of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia, located in north-west Samuelonia, formerly known as Saint Zeus province. The province is bordered by Saint Jordinian to the north, Saint Lucius and Saint Nicholas to the east, Saint Lysander to the south and Saint Omar to the west. The population currently stands at 2,219,289 and the administrative capital is San Ambrinio.

The economy of Saint Zeus is largely based on agriculture, mainly orange and lemon orchards. This same rural countryside has attracted significant tourism in the modern age as its natural beauty is highly regarded. Saint Zeus also holds importance for archeological and ancient sites such as the Necropolis of Ordoza and the Valley of the Temples.



The province is bordered by Saint Jordinian to the north, Saint Lucius and Saint Nicholas to the east, Saint Lysander to the south and Saint Omar to the west. The province is divided into four administrative counties, Northern Saint Zeus, Eastern Saint Zeus, Southern Saint Zeus and Western Saint Zeus. The location of Saint Zeus means that it enjoys a long warm summers and comfortable winters.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Western Saint Zeus
Town Population
Lousinacourt 112,000
Altofonte 27,000
Aragona 143,000
Diepafranco 33,000

Northern Saint Zeus
Town Population
Bazalonia 86,000
Los Calvio 37,000
Argimento 77,000
Leonforte 43,000

The city of Marianopoli, the largest city in Saint Zeus and industrial centre

Southern Saint Zeus
Town Population
Edmunton 209,000
Mos Vittorio 73,000
San Pietro 41,000
Palmadiero 38,000
Eastern Saint Zeus
Town Population
San Ambrinio 334,000
Marianopoli 876,000
Carberini 28,000
Stantantino 26,000


The economy of Saint Zeus is focused on tourism, commerce, services and information technology. The industry sector is based mainly on mining, oil-refining, petrochemical and food industry. Citrons, oranges, lemons, olives, olive oil and almonds are among its agricultural products and an increasing income is coming from its famous wines and gastronomy. Animal husbandry is also a big factor in the agricultural sector.

The province has a small oil reserve, with Samuelonian Petroleum operating around the Marianopoli area. Several gold and silver mines are also located south of Marianopoli.



  • 2,219,289


The province has few major numbers of ethnic groups. Around 4,000 Dascunyans reside in the province, mainly in the Marianopoli area.


  • Orthodox Cruisian - 62%
  • Mounist - 19%
  • Papaist Cruisian - 17%
  • Other - 2%


Edmunton FC are the major football club in the province and currently play in Division 1 of the national league.

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