Estado de Cocoa - State of Cocoa

Abv. CC
Motto Pela terra almejo a morte.
Nickname(s) Agro State, State of Soil, State of Progress

Flag Cocoa

CoatArms Cocoa
Cocoa Location

Country Flag aros icone Aros
Region Coastal
Border States
Districts 37
Capital and Largest City Cocoa City
Other Cities
  • Theobroma
  • Tinto City
  • Sagres
  • Nigel
  • Portie




  Total unknow
  Rank 1st
  Total unknow
  Rank unknow
  governor Juli Yolan
  vice governor Mateu Olivara

Cocoa is a Federative State of Aros

Special Features Edit

Districts Edit



District Main City
1st Cocoa Capital Cocoa City
2nd Theobroma Theobroma
3rd Sagres Sagres
4th Nigel Nigel
5th Melan Island Tinto City
6th Méridi Méridi
7th Portie Portie
8th Olivan Olivan
9th Cacaueira Cacaueira
10th Arosiánia Arosiánia
11th Vale de Vilhena Vilhena
12th Aperi Aperi
13th Farmond Farmond
14th Campo Hyure Hyure
15th Son Guard Son Guard
16th Foz do Salamar Minerva
17th Salomon Salomon
18th Ayoribas Yovakas
19th Félix Félix
20th Campo de Cocoa Vingardio
21th Anglera Anglera
22th Vale daPedra Pequi
23th Liliandi Liliand
24th Yaleska Yaleska
25th Ferralha Ferralha
26th Alda Alda
27th Tamélia Tamélia
28th Morangue Morangue
29th Tabaque Tabaque
30th Thomé Derby
31th Lêviosa Lêviosa
32th Chokitoh Chokitoh
33th Molotov Molotov
34tth Ianka Ianka
36th Mirela Mirela
37th Asterius Asterius
38th Coocaa Coocaa

Districts Seals Edit

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