Cave wall drawings, c. 30,000 BP, found in the Chantilles.

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Date Cruisana, Longerath, Smalik, Western Isles Eras (Old Continent) New Vexillium
c. 5,000,000,000 Vexillium comes into being
4,000,000,000 First traces of life on Vexillium
200,000,000 First mammals
50,000,000 Driven away by the rodents, primates gain trees as their new habitat, start eating plants instead of insects
4,000,000 Rainforests retreat, prairies spread out.
Primate of the family Vexillopithecus leaves woods, starts eating meat
790,000 Homo vexilliensis erectus uses fire. This made digestion easier, increased calory consumtion and enabled the development of a larger brain.
100,000 Homo vexilliensis erectus hunts animals
50,000 First Homo vexilliensis sapiens
40,000 Homo vexilliensis sapiens dies out, Homo vexilliensis vagans (our modern variety) takes control of the planet

Before Plague (B.P.)Edit

Date Cruisana, Longerath, Smalik, Western Isles Eras (Old Continent) New Vexillium
at least 50000 Neoliliana: tribes living along the coast - -
c. 30000 Neoliliana: First recorded cave paintings found in the Chantilles. - -
before 5000 HistShip 7700 6000BC encarta einbaum Fenia: Arrival, from Mystgallia, of the Fenis Clan - -
5000-4500 HistShip 4800-2800 3100-1100BC Minoic Fenia: Stone Temple Building Period, e.g. Im'Naidra-Exmalta. - -
c 5000 -Rovens: The Pataki people, a Chakrazipangi group, settle in their current homeland. -
c 4000Lendosa: Earliest evidence of Kunn civilization (found in the village of Benolo). - -
4000-3000 Fenia: Decline of Fenis culture, rising Gardlian cultural influence - -
c 3750Lendosa: Cahno culture broke away from the Kunn one. - -
c 3750Lendosa: Earliest evidence of Regnosian civilization, in Piolsa. - -
Lendosa: Foundation of the kingdom of Paspalhis, in Lendia. - -
3700/3600 Fenia: Erection of the Palace of Knos - -
c 3600Lendosa: Lolthi tribe arrives in Lendia, having been driven out of Neoliliana by the Auranni tribe. - -
3502Lendosa: War breaks out between Regnos and Paspalhis. - -
3494Lendosa: Wars between Regnos and Paspalhis end when Regnos captures the Paspalhite capital, Surep. - -
3495Lendosa: Regnos conquers Lolth. - -
3451Lendosa: Last remnants of the Kunn civilization are overrun by barbarians. - -
3449Lendosa: The Rabel islands are unified under a single leader. - -
3165 HistShip 3122 1422BC EgyptianLendosa: A revolution in Rabel overthrows the monarchy and establishes a federal system. - -
3089 HistShip 3050 1350BC Uluburun LateBronzeLendosa: Xoxinan tribes unite into a single kingdom to fend off potential Regnosian expansion. - -
2906Lendosa: Xoxina accepts a treaty of annexation into Regnos in exchange for guarantees of autonomy. - -
2900/2800 HistShip 2900 1200BC Phoenizic Fenia: Foundation of a Gardlian duchy - -
2739Lendosa: Regnos invades Aystyr, a loosely organised federation of tribes in eastern Piolsa. - -
2700/2600 Fenia: Erection of St. Paul Castle (Rosenvalley, Dascunya) - -
2690Kingdom of Khor founded. - -
2580 Fenia: Mokra freed of Gardlies - -
before 2570 Kingdoms of Micholerdia (Empapas) and Burburreica (Lambuças) in existence.
Gardlies in southern Al'Jumu-Ria and northwestern Mokra, Lumattans in Sukha, few in southeastern Mokra.
- -
2570 Dascunya: Gardlies begin southward expansion, conquer Sukha. Rosenvalley freed of Gardlies. - -
Fenia: Rosenvalley freed of Gardlies. - -
2550 Fenia: Erection of Fena Pauli Castle in Odesiuky - -
2540 Fenia: Duke Paul + - -
c 2500 -Rovens: The Kpothan people begin to move down the eastern coast. -
2400-2200 Fenia: Classical Temple Building Period - -
2300/2100 Gardlies unite as High Chiefdom of Dascagnia. When exactly? - -
2244Lendosa: By this time, Regnos has conquered all of Aystyr. - -
2209Lendosa: Khor reluctantly accepts annexation by Regnos in exchange for guarantees. - -
2205Neoliliana: First kingdom, Kagere, established by a marriage called the Covenant - -
2202Lendosa: War breaks out between Regnos and Rabel. - -
2200-1800 Fenia: Sculpturing Period - -
2181Neoliliana: Kingdom of Qella - -
2177Lendosa: Regnos completes the conquest of Rabel. - -
2130Lendosa: First settlers from northern Longerath arrive in Regnos (modern Lendosa). - -
2119Lendosa: Regnos falls into civil war over succession to the imperial throne. - -
c 2100 -Rovens: Pataki Empire takes shape. -
2098Lendosa: Colonists from northern Longerath arrive in Regnos in greater numbers. - -
2095Lendosa: Ladoris, a city in Regnos, declares independence, and due to the civil war, is not stopped. - -
2091Lendosa: Meigan, a city in Regnos, declares independence, and due to the civil war, is not stopped. - -
2073Neoliliana: Kingdom of Dasemia - -
c 2050Estontetso: Stabilization of 5 kingdoms: Micholerdia, Peganhosa, Alembida, Burburreica, Gregurdica (Gorami) - -
2050 Coastal portion of northern Al'Jumu-Ria part of Micholerdia, interior portion part of Burburreica. - -
2047Lendosa: Micholerdian colonies in what is now Lendosa attempt to declare independence, but the attempt is supressed - -
2038 Dascunya/Estontetso: Depression of Hawadan part of Burburreica - -
2038Estontetso: Aratacius IV king of Micholerdia - -
2034Lendosa: Regnos allies with Alembida to drive Micholerdia out of the Western Isles, with only partial success - -
2010Estontetso: Micholerdia invades Peganhosa - -
2008Neoliliana: Kingdom of Estontalle - -
2002Estontetso: Much of Peganhosa annexed to Micholerdia - -
2001Estontetso: Micholerdia annexes a portion of Alembida - -
2000Estontetso: Micholerdia conqueres northern Burburreica, the heartland of the kingdom, leaving the southern areas to decend into tribal warfare - -
Estontetso: Aratacius IV of Micholerdia becomes Aratacius I of Liliana, proclaims the end of the Micholerdian kingdom and the beginning of the new Liliani Empire - -
1998Neoliliana: Estontalle conquered by the Liliani Empire - -
1982Lendosa: Regnos is forced to withdraw its protection from many cities in eastern Piolsa, and they join the Alembidan colonies instead - -
1971 HistShip 1964 0264BC Triere Clashes occur between Liliani forces in Lendia and the city of Ladoris. Ladoris begins supporting independence movements in the Liliani colonies in retaliation - -
1951 Liliani expansion into the southern half of the continent begins. - -
Lendosa: Due to attacks on Alembida by Liliana, Alembida's colonies in Piolsa declare independence - -
1950Lendosa: Liliana's colonies in Lendia declare independence — Liliana does not recognise this, but does not immediately bother to supress the rebellion - -
1931Neoliliana: Kingdom of Auria - -
1919Neoliliana: Auria conquers Qella - -
1904 HistShip 1900-1400 0200BC-300AD CorbitaNeoliliana: Kagere absorbs Dasemia - -
1893Neoliliana: War between Auria and Kagere - -
1888Neoliliana: Kagere forges a pact with the Liliani Empire - -
1848 Lendosa: The three former Liliani colonies in Lendia sign a defence treaty with Ladoris. - -
1826 Lendosa: Valar, one of the former Alembidan colonies in Piolsa, conquers the Kha islands from the local tribes. - -
c 1880Neoliliana: Liliana annexes Auria which becomes Liliana Minor - -
c 1880Neoliliana: Escorpionica starts southward expansion - -
1798 Lendosa: Settlers found the state of Neonia in southern Lendia. - -
1785 Lendosa: The city of Sargon is founded in southern Piolsa. - -
c 1780Neoliliana: Liliana annexes Kagere to Liliana Minor - -
1774 Lendosa: The city of Colzia joins with several new settlements in the Videc valley to found the Duchy of Videc. - -
1703 Liliana conquers Faeniccia Minor (modern Sukha).
Status of province for Dascagnia and Uestadagnia.
- -
1676Lendosa: Settlers establish a new state in the central mountains of Lendia, naming it after the historic kingdom of Xoxina. - -
1664Lendosa: The remnants of Regnos lose control of their last territories in Lendia. The city of Sciona establishes its own state. - -
1641Lendosa: The city of Frezone is founded in northern Lendia. - -
1638Lendosa: Settlers establish the Duchy of Tennebria in Piolsa. - -
1622 - -Xochimechatl: Cocahuya assumes power in the city of Cajamarca, marking the beginnings of what was to become the Chitec Empire.
1610Lendosa: The city of Rezimano is founded in southern Piolsa. - -
1604Lendosa: The Duchy of Anton declares itself a Kingdom, causing a wave of nearby duchies to follow suit. - -
1590Lendosa: War breaks out between Videc and the Katanai tribes, resulting in the annexation of Katanai lands. - -
1580Lendosa: A short war is fought between Valar and Anton, with Valar gaining the city of Tudalan as a settlement. - -
1575Fenis annex a small part of Hawadan region. - -
1550Lendosa: The city of Ladoris becomes a Frezonian protectorate after threats to its sovereignty by Beltera. - -
1521Lendosa: The last remnants of Regnos, now confined to the western tip of Piolsa finally collapse. Three new states emerge — Segloso, Imbrentra, and Chaura. The two former states claim to be the legitimate successor of Regnos. - -
c 1500 -Rovens: Utani traders arrive in the Pataki Empire, and establish permanent outposts which will slowly grow into colonies. -
1498 - -Xochimechatl: A warlord named Ichtlapa unites the Xochimechatlan tribes and launches an invasion of the Chitec Empire.
1496 - -Xochimechatl: Ichtlapa captures the Chitec capital, founding his own empire and establishing Xochimechatlan dominance on the island now named after them.
1491Lendosa: Catania, now a mixture of settlers and Katanai tribespeople, declares independence from Videc. - -
1447Neoliliana: Escorpionica becomes a part of the Empire of Liliana - -
1444Lendosa: The state of Ocassa is founded in western Piolsa. - -
1443Lendosa: The state of Recuna is founded in western Lendia. - -
1441Lendosa: Segloso and Imbrentra, by mutual agreement, abandon their claims to be the legitimate successor of Regnos. - -
1440Lendosa: The state of Pula is founded in western Lendia. - -
1410Lendosa: The state of Arcosta is founded in western Piolsa. - -
1400Cruisana (Mystgallia): Cruis, Messenger of God (according to Cruisana's timeline). - -
1396 - -Mari'im: A leader named Manimana becomes king of Vaha'ai.
1395Lendosa: Videc and Arcosta fight a war against Catania, conquering and partitioning it. - -
1391Lendosa: Tennebria is annexed to Rezimano through marriage. - -
1380Lendosa: The king of Valar takes advantage of a civil war in Anton to claim the Antonine throne by virtue of a distant relation to its monarchs. Valar conquers and annexes Anton. - -
1378Lendosa: Arcosta begins a war against Imbrentra that eventually results in the conquest of Imbrentra. - -
1359Lendosa: The two largest Lendian kingdoms, Lalta and Neonia, merge through a royal marriage, becoming the Kingdom of Lendia. The new kingdom proclaims an intent to unify the whole island, annexing the small states of Bairia and Xoxina. - -
1352Lendosa: The War of the Stars breaks out between the Kingdom of Lendia and the largest other state on Lendia, the Principality of Frezonia. - -
c 1350 Constantin(i)us (Constantino) declares Liliana to be a Cruisian nation. - -
1349Lendosa: Recuna, a Frezonian ally in the War of the Stars, is conquered by the Kingdom of Lendia. - -
1347Lendosa: Pula, a Frezonian ally in the War of the Stars, attempts to change sides, but is invaded by Frezonia before it can do this. - -
1339Lendosa: In Piolsa, the state of Chaura is conquered by Ocassa after a border dispute provokes war. - -
1335Lendosa: A revolution in Beltera, an ally of the Kingdom of Lendia in the War of the Stars, realigns the country with Frezonia. - -
1332Lendosa: Frezonia defeats Lendia in the Battle of Olasano, and the King of Lendia is killed. - -
1331Lendosa: The new King of Lendia is deposed by the mentally unstable General Margun. - -
1330Lendosa: The increasingly erratic King Margun, believing that War of the Stars to be a Liliani plot, declares war on the much larger Liliana. - -
1329Lendosa: Responding to the provocations of King Margun, Liliana invades Lendia. - -
1328Lendosa: Liliana captures the Lendian capital, Quintara. - -
1327Lendosa: In Piolsa, Arcosta and Ocassa conquer and partition Segloso, with the exception of the Lavaia Islands, which declare independence. - -
1325Lendosa: Lendia surrenders to Liliana. - -
1321Lendosa: Videc and Caerulius are united through a royal marriage. - -
1319Lendosa: The city of Frezone is captured by the Liliani invaders, but the Frezonian government continues to fight. - -
1316Lendosa: Frezonia and the isolationist Sciona join forces to fight the Lilianis. - -
1304Lendosa: Rezimano and Ocassa are united through a royal marriage. - -
c 1300 Fenia: Duke Edward - -
1299Lendosa: The last resistance to Liliani rule in Lendia is defeated. - -
1297Lendosa: Lendia is officially declared a province of the Liliani Empire. - -
1295 January 6th: Fenia: Duke Edward's brother Jacob first Archbishop of Odesiuky - -
1205 HistShip 1200-0600 0500-1100 Byzantine DromoneLendosa: In Piolsa, the Treaty of Reidria is signed, permanently fixing all borders. - -
1155-1102 Fovinius (Fofinho) joins southern Burburreica to the Liliani province of northern Burburreica. - -
c 1100 Fenia: Archbishop Gisulf; loss of north-western territory to Liliana - -
c 1100 Faeniccian (Lumattan) population in Faeniccia Magna (including modern Mokra) subsumed by Liliani colonists. - -
1015Lendosa: The Sargonese Revolution occurs. The monarchy is replaced by a council of aristocrats. - -
973Lendosa: A major rebellion against Liliani rule breaks out in Riva, but is eventually supressed. - -
934 BP Augustus IV (Auga IV) creates Regiocomei (Counties). - -
802 - -Mari'im: The Mu'o'ana people of the Aka'i'a peninsula rebel against Vaha'ai rule.
714Lendosa: The Liliani Empire finally withdraws from Lendia. A new repubican government is established. - -
712 Revolution in several counties of modern Dascunya. Revolts in the region of modern Feniz and Phenixia. - -
c 700 -Rovens: Gvonj, the Utani colonies in the Pataki Empire, briefly declare independence, but then return to Pataki rule. -
700 HistShip 0700 1000 Drakar Kingdoms of Uestadenia and of Dascunya proclaimed, the latter including Faeniccia Minor. Empire of Ulan is generally considered to be at its height. -
The Liliani city states in Faeniccia Magna form the United (or Union of) Counties of Phenixia including most of Mokra. -
Fenia: County of Odesiuky abandons Fenia and joins Phenixia -
667Lendosa: Lavaia is merged into Rezimano, with the agreement of the other signatories to the Treaty of Reidria. - -
650Lendosa: Rezimano, Videc, and Arcosta agree to form the High Kingdom of Piolsa, although keep a high degree of autonomy. - -
600 Natestus (Natesta) terminates the Liliani Empire and creates the Empire of Estontetso. or 660 BP? - -
670-594 Fenia: Erection of Odesiuky Cathedral - -
654 Fenia: Duke Guinfred born - -
633 - -Mari'im: The kingdoms of Nuku'a, Rakanau'a, and Su'a'ati merge to form a united Toku'ika state.
602 -The Savaj Empire lays claim to Gvonj, a Pataki province. Loyalties in Gvonj are split, prompting persecutions by Patak. -
600 Fenia: Bulla Paulina: Reign of Fenia ends - -
596 -Rovens: Savaj troops arrive in Gvonj to fight the Pataki. They ally with the Kpothan state, a long-time enemy of the Pataki. -
c 583 -Rovens: The Pataki Empire splits in two, with the city of Potok (twin to Patak itself) declaring independence. -
c 581 -Rovens: By this point, Savaj forces have pushed Pataki troops completely out of Gvonj. -
580 Fenia: Duke Guinfred dead; remains of Fenia ceded to Dascunya - -
Lendosa: Lendia asserts its control over the Rabel islands. - -
572Lendosa: Valar joins the High Kingdom of Piolsa. - -
c 557 -Rovens: Beginning of wars against Potok, Kpotha, and Gvonj are launched by Emperor Knhosa VI of Patak. -
556 - -Mari'im: Vaha'ai invades Mu'o'ana, conquering most of it.
551 -Rovens: Emperor Knhosa VI of Patak is deposed by Gsamre III, who immediately ends the war with Potok. -
550Lendosa: Lendia asserts its control over the Khor islands.By this time, the Empire of Ulan has collapsed to within the boundaries of modern Ulanova and Rosardan. -
549 - -Mari'im: Vaha'ai ambitiously attacks La'a'ilu and Rihu, but is defeated on both fronts.
598 -Rovens: Emperor Gsamre III of Patak establishes peace with the Kpothans, leaving Patak fighting only Gvonj. -
546 -Rovens: Pataki armies overrun the Gvonjian city of Kopara. -
545 -Rovens: Pataki armies lay siege to the Gvonjian city of Yoma-Koj. -
544 -Rovens: The Gvonjians win a narrow victory over the Pataki at Yoma-Koj, but at great cost. -
541 -Rovens: Savaj forces arrive in Gvonj to fight the Pataki. By the end of the year, the city of Kopara has been recaptured. -
537 -Rovens: General Amea Akopanya succesfully discourages Potok's support for Patak by a surprise attack on the city of Bay. Akopanya later receives backing from Potok in exchange for promises of Pataki land. -
533 - -Xochimechatl: The Xochatlan Empire is overthrown in an uprising led by the temples, being replaced by the Ilhuicatl Theocracy.
529 -Rovens: The city of Patak is beseiged by Savaj armies. -
526 -Rovens: Patak surrenders, and becomes part of the Savaj Empire. -
512Lendosa: Meigan joins the High Kingdom of Piolsa.Rovens: A brief war is fought between Gvonk and the Kpothans, marking the start of many subsequent border disputes. -
c 600/500 Giulius Ceza of Lendia writes history of the Regnum Phenia - -
530-470 Walter of Birdmeadow, poet - -
503 HistShip 0500 1200 Kogge -Zartania: The earliest written record of Zartanian civilization dates from this time (although spoken records exist from prior times). -
490 -Ulana, the capital of Ulan, is sacked by Danske raiders, splintering the empire. -
482 - -Mari'im: A Lendian fleet under Admiral Tandro Amarito arrives in the islands and conducts a small amount of trade.
452 BP William V ascends the throne of greater Dascunya and marries Catherine of Angliyaa, creating Anglyodascunya. - -
443Lendosa: Sargon joins the High Kingdom of Piolsa. - -
435 -The Danske fiefdoms in the former Ulani heartland fall civil war. -
434 -The Tsar of Rosar, ruler of the former Ulani territories in what is now Rosardan, launches an invasion of the Danske-occupied Ulani homeland. -
430 -The Tsar of Rosar recaptures the city of Ulana, although is forced to abandon his hold over Rosar to do so. He declares himself Tsar of Ulan. -
427-138 BP
or 250-150
Longerathian Wars. Phenixia temporarily under Estontetsan control. When exactly? - -
426 -The Tsar of Ulan is assassinated. -
382Lendosa: Negotiations begin between Lendia and Piolsa regarding a potential federation, aimed at strengthening both countries in the face of the Longerathian Wars. - -
378Lendosa: A formal proposal to federate Lendia and Piolsa is put forward, but rejected. - -
373Lendosa: A second proposal to federate Lendia and Piolsa is made, and accepted. The Lendosan Alliance (sometimes called the First Lendosan Confederation) is born. - -
287 -Rovens: Gvonj conquers southern Kpotha, the border between the two having been contended for some time. -
282 HistShip 0266 1434 Karavelle -Sylvian, then a Ulani territory, gains independence after a rebellion. -
259 -Rosardan gains the city of Cape Corsair from Ulan. -
248 -The city now known as Defender, under Danske rule, is voluntarily absorbed into Ulan due to fears of Meritean expansion in the north. -
247 -A Ulani army defeats a Meritean expansion force near Defender. -
245 -Meritean forces capture the Ulani city of Czellij. -
243 -Meritean forces capture the Ulani city of Zamborigrad. -
242 -Meritean forces capture the Ulani city of Margisgrad. -
149 HistShip 0208 1492 KaravellePinta -Gronkian forces begin testing Zartanian defences. A gathering of Zartanian feudal lords fails to agree a common response. -
147 -Gronk invades Zartania. -
146 -Rovens: Rebellion against Savaj rule begins to arise in Patak, beginning the process by which the area regains its independence. -
138 Faeniccia Minor (modern Sukha) joins Phenixia. - -
134 -The last Zartanian fiefdoms resisting the Gronkian invasion surrender. -
97 HistShip 0091 1609 Mayflower -The Plague starts off on Ptica island. -
27 -Rovens: The Pataki regions are now independent, ruled by a number of small kingdoms. -
20First sightings of the Plague. -
12Peak of the Plague. -
Fleeing the Plague, Fenis retreat into Rosenvalley, Hoch into Kyjovo Valley. - -
8 -Zartania: The Q'Leist dynasty comes to power when Fredrik vun Q'Leist deposes the Imperial Council. -
2 -Zartania: King Fredrik I dies and is succeeded by his son, Bruno I. -

After Plague (A.P.)Edit

Date Cruisana, Longerath, Smalik, Western Isles Eras (Old Continent) New Vexillium
? BP ? AP Feniz: Accostage of the Iparalaspuqui. Foundation of Q'Wa-It. - -
1Cruisana: Padraig VII proclaims the Plague over and starts the "Year 1 After Plague" - -
2 Feniz: Foundation of I'Paris Lass-Zif, modern Fenizabad. - -
c 20 -A confederation of nations is formed in Ishrakan, based in Guwimith. Among the nations are Gvonj and Kpotha. -
22Lendosa: The warlord now controlling Neonia rejects any possibility of restoring the old Alliance, and declares his territory independent. Other local warlords follow. - -
24Bowdani:Start of the Port Frontier Trade Wars between the Tak lead Port Frontier Trade Company and criminal gangs that had taken over the coastal city of Port Frontier (present day Lp) after the Plague had decimated the Bowdani majority in that city. - -
40Lendosa: By this point, all of Lendia is under the control of one of the thirteen self-proclaimed states. - -
46 -Zartania: King Bruno I dies and is succeeded by his son, Erhardt. -
52 -Zartania: King Erhardt is overthrown as a result of his repressive policies. His sister, Irrina, beccomes Queen. -
61Lendosa: The Sagoto-Belteran War. - -
62 -Zartania: Erike vin Noktor, husband of Queen Irrina, is killed fighting rebels in Surabia. -
66 -Rosardan: The treaty of Salisbaile is signed, annexing Arnardeas to Rosardan. -
64Lendosa: The Inatrian War, between Neonia, Lalta, and Bairia. - -
72Lendosa: Rivania acquires Melhoria through a political marriage. - -
73Bowdani: The people of Tak establish local government, taking advantage of the fact that the Kencari government has been weakened by the effects of the Plague. Independence is not declared, so Tak remains part of Kencari.
Lendosa: Aurelio's War, between Aspalia, Neonia, and a Xoxinan-Recunan alliance. During the war, Recuna's duke dies and the country unites with Xoxina to form Teldia.
- -
75Lendosa: The Lalto-Belteran War results in Lalta conquering Beltera. - -
78 HistShip AP078 1778 BriggLendosa: The Rivano-Lanurian War results in Lanuria being conquered by Rivania. - -
79Lendosa: In Piolsa, Regasia and Ocassa merge to form Alvaronia. - -
82Lendosa: Rivania acquires Sagotia by marriage, but fails to conquer Olasano.Zartania: Queen Irrina dies and is succeeded by her only daughter, Kelembra I. -
87Lendosa: The Lalto-Bairian War results in Lalta conquering Bairia. - -
92 HistShip AP092 1792 EastindiamanLendosa: Valar and Caeria merge to form Valcaera. - -
95 Estontetsan treaty with Dascunya and the various Lendian city-states creates the modern (linear) boundaries. - -
97 Kingdom of Estontetso. - -
102Lendosa: The Lendian Revolution breaks out. - -
105Lendosa: Revolutionaries proclaim a united and democratic Lendian Republic. - -
106Lendosa: Ravamiro Talriez, a general in the revolutionary armies, is made leader of the Republic. - -
108Lendosa: War breaks out between the Lendian Republic and the three Piolsan kingdoms. - -
109 -Rosardan: Princess Susannah I becomes ruler. -
110 -Zartania: Queen Kelembra I dies, and according to the Law of Matriarchy passed during her reign, is succeeded by her daughter, Tanyina I. -
-Rovens: A Guwimithian colony is established on the east coast, known as Port of Olives. -
115Lendosa: Ravamiro Talriez has himself declared Emperor of Lendia, ending the Republic.Rosardan: A constitution is promulgated. -
118 HistShip AP119 1819 SavannahLendosa: Valcaera leaves the war against Lendia. - -
120Lendosa: Lendian forces capture the Alvaronian capital. - -
123Lendosa: Lendian forces capture the city of Rezimano. - -
124Lendosa: Alvaronia and Rezimano are annexed to the Lendian Empire. - -
135Lendosa: Emperor Ravamiro is severely wounded in an assassination attempt, and the Imperial Council takes advantage of the situation to assume effective control of the Empire. - -
142 HistShip AP151 1851 ClipperLendosa: Emperor Ravamiro dies and is succeeded by his son Virantoro. - -
145Bowdani: The Tak choose the side of immigrants whose numbers have been growing in the past decades, and together they overthrow the Tribal Council of Kencari. The new government confirms Tak autonomy within Kencary. - -
156 HistShip AP158 1858 GreatEastern -Rosardan: Princess Susannah I dies, and is succeeded by Princess Susannah II. -
160 HistShip AP160-220 1860-1920 Bark -Zartania: Queen Tanyina I dies, and is succeeded by her daughter, Kelembra II. -
172Bowdani (Tak): A period of societal turmoil escalates when prime minister Nom ob Syk is murdered by a factory labourer during a visit to Grg. Her successor Yp ob Suup enables significant reforms that should improve the living conditions of labourers in the cities, but it takes several more decades before things really start to change. - -
178Lendosa: Emperor Virantoro dies and is succeeded by his son Tandisto. - -
180/190Feniz: I'Paris Lass-Zif (modern Fenizabad) enlarged and renamed Belleville. - -
186 -Zartania: Queen Kelembra II dies, but as her only son is outside the country, the regency is taken by her husband, Wulfram vunDar. -
191 -Zartania: Queen Kelembra II's only child, Fredrik II, becomes King. Fredrik II revokes the Law of Matriarchy. -
199Bowdani (Tak): An outbreak of a cholera-like illness kill many people in several cities. Although now known as the 'Second Plague', it was in fact a much smaller epidemy caused by the unhealthy circumstances in which many people lived in the cities.Rosardan: Princess Susannah II dies, and is succeeded by Prince Thomas. -
218Lendosa: Valcaera, already a dependency of Lendia in all but name, accepts formal integration into the Empire. - -
227 HistShip AP227 1927 IleDeFrance -Zartania: King Fredrik II dies, and is succeeded by his daughter, Tanyina II. -
234Lendosa: Emperor Tandisto dies and is succeeded by his son Carigo, whose strong public support allows him to take a much more active involvement in politics. - -
235Bowdani: Kencari changes its name into Bowdani ('nation of many') and the capital is moved to Sky City. - -
239Caboteniasa: The ethnically-Lendian Republic of Teniasa receives assistance from the Lendian Empire in a war against Väring. Further intervention follows. - -
243Caboteniasa: By this time, all of modern Caboteniasa is ruled by the League of Lendian Republics, a coalition of ethnically Lendian states backed by the Lendian Empire. - -
245Lendosa: The League of Lendian Republics is absorbed directly into the Lendian Empire. - -
246 -Zartania: The Zartanian Republic Movement is founded. -
252 HistShip AP250 1950 FranceLendosa: The increasingly unpopular Emperor Carigo, accused of crimes against his opponents, is forced to remove himself from politics by the Imperial Council. - -
258 -Zartania: Queen Tanyina II dies, and is succeeded by her son, Johannin. During his reign, Zartania becomes a protectorate of Terramarc. -
260 -Rovens: A famine occurs in Patakia, sparking a rebellion by communist and democratic forces. -
269Lendosa: Emperor Carigo, backed by loyalists in the military and security services, seizes leadership of the Empire again. - -
272 -Zartania: King Johannin dies, and is succeeded by his son, Fredrik III. -
275Lendosa: Emperor Carigo, now deeply disliked, is finally stripped of his powers, but remains Emperor. - -
278 -Rovens: Rebel groups capture the city of Patak from Guwimithian forces. The communist Pataki People's Army later asserts control and eliminates the non-communist factions. -
289Lendosa: Emperor Carigo dies and is succeeded by his son Xavier. - -
295Lendosa: A referendum approves the dissolution of the Lendian Empire and its replacement by a federal republic. - -
296 -Zartania: King Fredrik III dies, and is succeeded by his son, Bruno II. -
297 Civil War in Estontetso.
October 23rd: Estontetso occupied by International Forces.
November 19th: Green March.
December 10th: Northern Phenixia (modern Al'Jumu-Ria) ceased to Phenixia
15 November: King Timothy I of Merité is assassinated. -
298 Civil war in Estontetso; Green March into Northern Phenixia. Referendum for an autonomous Northern Phenixia within Phenixia. Zartania: The Kingdom of Eastern Zartania declares its independence from the Republic of Terramarc. -
Lendosa: In accordance with the referendum three years previously, the Lendian Empire is dissolved, and replaced by the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics. The Empire of Merité collapses.

TDC territory (Otago): Referendum on privatization (November)

TDC territory (Otago): 3.12.298, privatization completed, St. Kildan sovereignty ends

299 (Greater) Phenixia breaks up into (modern) Phenixia, Phoenicia, and Hochlandia. Merité is partitioned in January, Cruisana sets up a puppet government in Sligomeagh to rule over newly-formed Wesmeria, a nominally independent country. TDCorp territory: Oost-Otago land purchase by the then BWA (Bureau of Westrian Affaires)
May 30th: Sabin of Scorpio king of the City State of Phoenix Town, or Phoenicia. Belleville renamed Phoenix Town.

TDCorp territory: First cases of papaveromimosis in Welfen Pass (February 299)

TDCorp territory: Influx of WWWWan refugees starts (February 299)

June 17th: Hochlandia independent. WWWW: Regina Incident. Humanitarian crisis in western WWWW, thousands dead of papaveromimosis (March 299)
July 11th: Hochlandia protector of North Angliyaa (Lazischyna). - WWWW: Regina Testament published, handover of WWWW territory to TDCorp
Lendosa: The Free Confederacy is dissolved when most of its component states vote for independence. -

TDCorp Territory: Partition of former WWWW, clause 8 of Oost-Otago treaty activated

Udan-Woo (GBR): Creation of Udan-Woo from eastern WWWW, incorporation into Greater Burovian Realm 

300 HistShip AP300 2000 QueenMary2 March 29th: W'Infri-Ed erects the Sultanate of Phoenicia.
Zartania: Military forces from Eastern Zartania and Whitlam liberate the Republic of Western Zartania from the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk. -
April 27th: Name changed to Ir-Sultan Id-Feniz (Sultanate of Feniz). Phoenix Town renamed Fenizabad. Less than a year after its creation by Cruisana, Wesmeria is reduced in size with the creation of another Cruisanan puppet state, Eichensehria in the west and south of the territory. -
Bowdani: The nation shuts down for almost a year as the government of President Urban is overthrown by the population. The economy had fallen, trade had stopped, Bowdani Minor was falling apart and international relations were going nowhere. Sir David Leah assumes the Presidency and pledges to restore Bowdani to its former glory. His first act is to declare the Tribal Nation of Solimar independent of Bowdani. He honored the wishes of the native people who were treated with disrespect while Ex-President Urban was in power. 18 November: Somery regains its independence after over 13 years of occupation by Merité and the Cruisanan protectorate of Wesmeria that succeeded it. -
301 February 27th: Feniz takes over the protectorship for Fora Rifo ("1 + 2 Treaty"). - -
March: Hochlandia is annexed by Feniz. - -
April 5th - 7th: Champoise Case. Sultan W'Infri-Ed replaced by I'D Doo-Itt June 26th: The Republic of Wesmerité declares independence from Cruisana, succeeding the Cruisanan protectorate of Wesmeria. -
September: Renewal of the APWH. - -
302 March 25th: Aquisition of the Autonomous Emirate of Ulnovabad in exchange for Trois Îles in the Ulnovabad / Fenizic Islands Land-Swap. January 24th: the Cruisian Principality of Cimera declares independence from the Cruisanan protectorate of Eichensehria -
- November: Cimeran civil war. Operation PURE PASSAGE: Fenizic troops in Ulnofshire (modern Castronovia). -
304 Fighting Jezen forces on the Dascunyan border. Feniz seeks support from the UNV to install a UNVCOCN rule over Dascunya. February 15th: the Cruisian Principality of Cimera is formally elevated to a kingdom as the grand duke reaches the age of majority and is declared king -
308 Bowdani (Tak): Fears that the cripled Bowdani economy may affect the Tak economy (which isn't doing so bad in comparison), Tak officially declares itself independent from Bowdani on 24 December. A hastily established Tak army is ready to defend Tak in the event that Bowdani doesn't agree with this move, but apart from a weak protest from Sky City, nothing happens. After the sudden death of Prince Devereaux III., Rosardan is administered by the High Commission In Rosardan (HCIR) formed jointly by Cruisana and Feniz. -
316 Bowdani President Sir David Leah (in office since 300) resigns as president and calls for the dissolution of the Republic. - -


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