Computers are very well developed in Vexillium, being avaiable to citizens in most parts of the world. First avaiable only to universities and military institutes as gigantic primitive machines, the coming of the Vexillinet, also known as Internet helped to popularize the personal computers.

Apart from this page, a list of computing-related enterprises is avaiable at Companies.

Computer hardware and systemsEdit

Finished systemsEdit


Devices and peripheralsEdit

  • INS — a major manufacturer of network and internet systems, including network cards, routers, and modems.
  • Toril Candenta — a large Lendosan company which manufactures printers, scanners, CD and DVD drives, sound cards, and video cards.



Operating SystemsEdit

  • FENSTERFENizisches STabiles Elektronen-Rechner operating system developed by RA&O Civil Systems of Feniz.
  • Integral — the newest operating system by BTM of Utania, and the eleventh version of the BTM O/S line.
  • Lumina — the standard operating system on computers manufactured by Arianse. Made by Lendosan company Siriana Sofware.
  • Mirrors — the most popular operating system, according to most statistics. Made in Cruisana.
    • Mirrors Green — alternate version of the popular Mirrors operating system that is sold primarily in the Shaelic Commonwealth. The Shaelic software firm TBD currently holds the official license to adapt and sell the product in the Commonwealth.
  • Orange OS — the standard operating system on computers manufactured by Orange.
  • Windows — the Westrian Individual New (some say Naughty) Disk-Operating Warlock (some say Washing = Disk-Washing ;-) System.

Other softwareEdit

Internet Service ProvidersEdit