A Consulate is a diplomatic representation below ambassadorial level, in charge of matters related to individual people and businesses, in other words issues outside inter-governmental diplomacy. Generally, you find consuls in countries where there is an embassy, either as a department of the embassy, or as a separate office in various places throughout the country, especially centres of economic activity where citizens of the sending nation use to stay or pass by.

Senior consuls, of greater importance or in lead of several consuls, are called Consul-General.

Honorary Consuls are appointed if is not necessary (for one reason or an other) to send a proper officer of the sending nation; in this case a citizen of the receiving nation is appointed as Honorary Consul. He/she has earned merits with respect to the sending nation, most likely as business(wo)man.

This scheme is implemented by Fora Rifo in the following way. Supposing that firms of Nation A are engaged in the supply of goods to Fora Rifo, this would be a reason for Fora Rifo to exchange Honorary Consuls in the way that a Nation A business(wo)man, maybe the director of a firm trading with Fora Rifo, takes over the task to represent For Rifo in an appropriate place, e.g. the port where goods are shipped to Fora Rifo. And a Fora Rifo busines(wo)man, or even a citizen of Nation A residing in Fora Rifo, takes over the representation of Nation A.

[TECH: This article incorporates text from Wikipedia: Consul (representative).]

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