Corley motors logo

Current logo of Corley Motors.

Corley Motors, officially Companhia Automobilística Corley Ltd (Arosian for "Corley Automobile Company"), is a Portocapitalian auto manufacturer based in the city of Cerro Azul, Guetaso. Founded by Cruisanan immigrant and industrialist Malcolm Corley in 212, Corley Motors was the most important indigenous manufacturer of cars, buses and auto parts in Mauretania and, arguably, a relevant brand in the whole continent of Melania.

Production numbers and quality of Corley vehicles and pieces began to fall during the 280s, amidst the general economical recession in the Empire of Mauretania, only returning to normalcy following the formation of Porto Capital. As the economy of Porto Capital, beginning in 303, moved towards a socialist framework, Corley Motors became one of the few major companies remaining in private ownership, as most heavy industry has been either nationalized or reorganized as workers' cooperatives.


  • The Corcel, a four-seater family car in production since 302, designed with hints of a "vintage", 250s look.
  • Etc.
  • Etc, etc.


Corley Motors is an important promoter of sports in Porto Capital. Apart from being the main sponsors of local football team Corley Cerro Azul FC, and also of Arosian side Sagres CC, the company is also involved in motor racing. Starting on 303, it has managed the Corley Racing team in the Zartanian-based RZOEAZ stock car league, employing exclusivelly Portocapitalian drivers. From 303 to 313, the two Corley Racing drivers were Mohammed Gomez and Marco Shez. Starting in the 314, Auro Tibirica replaced Marco Shez.

In 314, Corley Racing was also organized as a team for the ICARA open-wheel series. The team continues to follow the tradition of only employing Portocapitalian racers, running its first season with former RZOEAZ driver Marco Shez and newcomer Luca Patiensa.

[TECH: The name and logo were taken from the fictional Corley Motors brand featured in the 1995 LucasArts game Full Throttle.

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