Area 15,814 sq.kms ({{{areath}}})
Population 600,000 (23)
Pop.density 38/ (16)
Shire seat Cornant
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 9
Mail code CO
Motto Cornu Copiae

Cornantshire is a shire of Somery. The shire, being the northern part of lathe Daylowe is dominated by Dwimmerdell, i.e. the valley of the river Cornant. In the valley there are two big lakes, Ishill, and Linneigh, and about halfway between them lie the Dwimmer Falls, Somery's biggest, if not highest, waterfall. Breightlith Downs, forming the shire's northern border, have a rather dramatic end in the cape of Breightlith Gore. In the south lies the rather sparsely populated Widden Uplands.

The town of Swanbury is famous for the Dwimmerdell Dream Frels in July. This is one of the most famous pop and rock festivals in Somery.

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