Correana Province
Motto "Protectors of the Lords gate"
Capital Cruisberg
Cities Holdanwick, Ajaman, Lyonsburg
Population 3,332,872
Governor Lord Sebastien Helensburgh

Correana is a province of the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. The adminstrative capital of Correana is Ajaman. The current population of Correana is 3,332,872. The province is located in eastern St. Samuel and shares a border with Angliyaa to the east, the Saint Augustus, Saint Leo, High Samuelonia Provinces to the south, Saint Theo and Saint Samoria Provinces to the west and the Saint Dominicus and Saint Issanna Provinces to the north.


Correanian WarEdit

In 812BP persecution against the Cruisian citizens of Correana led to the Fifth Mounist War of Saint Samuel, also known as the Correanian War. Thousands of Knights from across St. Samuel and the New Cruisian Kingdom traveled to Correana in support of the Cruisian rebellion, to take up arms against the Caliphate of North-East Samuelonia. It was Lord Stannis Claremont, a rich landowner from the New Cruisian Kingdom who assumed leadership of the Cruisian Rebels in Correana and he won early victories at the Battle of Merdif and the Battle of Khordassa.

By 811, Lord Claremont had an army of around 40,000, of which, around 6,000 were Knights, who had answered the Patriarch of Samuelonia's call for a Crusade against the Mounist Correanian's.

The war lasted 4 years, with the final battle of the war taking place at Ajaman, where Lord Claremont crushed a Mounist army. Lord Claremont founded three new cities, Cruisberg, Stannisberg and St Aldermere, which had all initially been founded as camps for the Crusading armies. Cruisberg was re-named as the capital of Correana.

Lord Claremont established the Cruisian Republic of Correana, which received much support from the New Cruisian Kingdom and the Samuelonian Orthodox Church.

Major Towns Edit

  • Holdanwick - 651,000
  • Cruisberg 618,000 - Founded 808BP
  • Ajaman 359,000
  • Merdif 187,000
  • Stannisburg 114,000 - Founded 808BP
  • Omar Pines 66,000
  • Emirate Hills 79,000
  • Khordassa 18,000
  • St Aldermere 16,000 - Founded 807BP
  • Jasmina 10,000
  • San Montario - 215,000
  • Queensford - 82,000
  • Fort Scotia - 112,000
  • Melchester - 78,000
  • Colwick - 43,000
  • Alberton - 36,000
  • Freddericksholm - 92,000
  • Sarastown - 18,000
  • Calderbury - 75,000
  • Fort Arnsborough - 45,000
  • Fort Jamestown - 127,000
  • Fort O'Ballyford - 33,000
  • Fort Jemburg - 41,000
  • Lyonsburg - 217,000

Population Edit


Religion Edit

Cruisianity - 84% Mounist - 14% Other - 2%

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