A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country (a sovereign state or a dependent territory). All ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs. Creation and delegation of ccTLDs is performed by the Global Internet Numbering Authority (GINA).

Three-letter ccTLDs are also assigned by GINA, but are not in common use.

Internet ccTLD Assignments
Country 2-letter 3-letter Important Second-level or other assigned domains
Aethelnia .aa .aet n/a
Aros .ar .ars .aros, .ary,
Babendy .bb .bab .bob, .bay, .del
Begral .bg .beg .beg
Bëltse .bl .bel
Coare .cr .cor
Chungxiang .cx .cxg .wm, .wmc. .tm, .tmc
the Deucolands .de .deu
Djeriga .dj .djr .moun, .fahz
Gen .gn .gen
Greater Burovian Realm .br .gbr .vex, .bwa, .realm, .bur
Guwimith .gw .guw
Independent Western Kukuria .ku .iwk .kuk, .fia
Itiagu .it .iti .ooo
Kalisth'izira .ka .kal .mel
Kasvrisavarsk .ks .kys .kas, .sav
Kongrenuru .kr .kon .gek
Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State .li .lfs (gov't), (military/defense), (universities and higher education |institutions)
Lectern of United Kencari Peoples .kc .luk
Lombriguay .lo .lom .fclr
Nwandiqwe .nw .nwq .nio, .kob, .nk, .nko
Polaria and Polarian Islands .po .pol .ing, .hei
Rys Lynyrch .rl .rys .ras
Rovens .rv .rov .rov
Sanx .sx .snx .sanx, .km, .kap, .lon
Solance .sl .sln .wy, .wya
South Bay .sb .sby .sby
Flagtak Tak .ta .tak
Tundraska .tu .tun .south, .gla
Utania .ut .uta .uta
UudangWuu .uu .uuu .www
Vaara .va .vaa
Westria .we .wes .nua

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