Cypriatana is a city in the Minbarrium Emirate, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. It is the third largest city in the Emirate with a population of 236,500. The city is located in eastern Eslamsahar County on the banks of the Majar River.

The new Business District and Free Zone is due to open in mid 309, which was a large government led project, offering business and tax incentives to corporations. It is hopeing to create nearly 50,000 new jobs, along with a residential district creating over 80,000 new homes.


The city was founded in 1893BP as a fortress for the Samuelonian army that were stationed in the region. The city soon flourished into an important trading post between Isadora and Helvannica.


The city has a huge Dascunyan population of nearly 80,000 and is the largest Dascunyan population outside of Dascunya. A large number of Dascunyan's living in Cypriatana are immigrants that have been exiled from the the state of Jezen in Dascunya. The goverenment have predicted that the Dascunyan population will grow even larger when the new free zone opens in mid 309, as the government will be relaxing it's immigration laws in order to fill labour requirements.


The city is home to two professional football cubs. Cypriatana FC in Division 3 and North Cypriatana FC in Division 4.


The University of Cypriatana, was founded in 203AP and is the only university in the city.

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