Dagenhelm is a city in the New South Dascunya province, in the United Feferal Kingdom of St. Samuel. The current population of Dagenhelm is 148,758.


The city of Dagenhelm was founded by Lord Arthur Rochester in 1001 BP. Dagenhelm castle, was built to house the Rochester family, but the city struggled to develop, with regular attacks from Shuquilian raiders.

Lord Rochester founded the city of Rochester in 989 BP and relocated his family and many of the Dagenhelm citizens to Rochester which was alot easier to defend than Dagenhelm. Lord Rochester left a small garrison in Dagenhelm and gifted the town to Lord Ralph Balewick and Lord Hugo Westermont. Dagenhelm remained a small, insignificant frontier town for many years.

In 912 BP, Saint Joseph Alderlyon, a Papaist preacher founded the Church of Painshaven, which helped the town become an important Papaist centre.

The discovery of iron ore deposits around the town of Dagenhelm in 903 BP finally saw the town grow at a rapid pace. Merchants, traders and workers, who would previously go no where near the town, began to arrive in the city in there drives. Lord Caspian Westermont was now able to fund the construction of city walls and other various projects.


  • Westermont
  • Alderlyon
  • Painshaven
  • Calvania
  • Freddericksbridge
  • Greendale
  • Haylonchester
  • Stansworth
  • Sarlgyle
  • Ductchminster
  • Antonsburg

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