Dale'maak corporate logo

Dale'maak is a Zartanian adult beverage company based in Kqranz'midal, Corynthea, Eastern Zartania. The company was founded in 208AP by Jan Dale'maak and his brother, Jorg. Today, the company is the largest adult beverage producer in the Greater Zartanian Empire.


Since 300AP, the company has spent millions of Zartanian Crowns each year on marketing in the RZOEAZ Crown Cup stock car racing series. In addition to being the title sponsor of the non-points exhibition Dale'maak Shootout race that precedes the annual Royal Zartanian 500, the company, for a number of years, has also been the primary sponsor on the #31 Straymahq owned by Thomas Sorrell Racing. The car is currently driven by Max Sorrell.

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