King Dazelio III of Piolsa (born 223 AP) is the current monarch of Piolsa, a member state of the Lendosan Confederation.

Political roleEdit

The Piolsan monarchy is ceremonial in nature, and Dazelio III does not wield any political authority. However, he is relatively well respected in Piolsa, and played a role in the negotiations which established the Lendosan Confederation.


Dazelio is a member of the House of Mendurosa, the current ruling family of Piolsa. The Mendurosa family trace their descent to the ancient High Kings of Piolsa, before the Plague. Dazelio himself is the son of Prince Ebantro and his wife Princess Terentia, and the grandson of King Steniro V, who reigned from 216 AP to 248 AP. Prince Ebantro, though Steniro's heir, died young, as did his only brother — the throne therefore went to Dazelio's aunt, who became Queen Meria II. Meria had no children, making Dazelio, her oldest nephew, heir to the throne. On the death of his aunt in 274 AP, he ascended the throne as Dazelio III.

Dazelio married Simona Covidriona, a journalist, in 262 AP. They delayed their wedding for several years due to the opposition of their parents — Dazelio's mother disliked Simona, and Simona's father was deeply opposed to the monarchy. He has three children — Princess Anna (born 266 AP), Princess Amanda (born 269 AP), and Princess Larisa (born 272 AP). He has one grandson, Prince Albio (born 294 AP). Queen Simona passed away in 293 AP.


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