A direct democracy is a government type in which people directly decide on policy and lawmaking, without an intermediate political class. This differs from the more common representative democracy, in which elected officials and other bureaucrats have important roles. "True" or "pure" direct democracies are rare, although several countries do employ some elements of it.

  • Draconia is a direct democracy. All laws are voted on by the populace, while the Head of State, the Director, is voted in as the general representative of Draconia's people.
  • The Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics had extensive elements of direct democracy. There were also several levels of popular assemblies, from local neighborhood councils to the Council of Confederate Citizens. Also the extensive local computer networks made it possible, in theory, for a significant portion of the population to propose legislation and policies directly to the Confederate government and also vote directly in a number of matters. The complex system was mostly abandoned by the modern Lendosan Confederation.
  • Porto Capital employs some elements of direct democracy in the form of the Foro and local factory and neighborhood committees.

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