Dragislav "The Dragon" Task
Born TBD
Achievements First Babendish driver
Racing Series RZOEAZ
Car no., team No. 9 (Sitroner Racing)
316AP Pts Pos TBD
Best Pts Finish None
Last Race None
First Win None
Last Win None
Starts 0
Wins 0
Top-5s 0
Top-10s 0
Poles 0

Dragislav "The Dragon" Task Imgren (born to as wonderfully caring pair of folks as you've ever seen) is a dirt track and stock car racer from Babendy. His rookie year in RZOEAZ is 316AP. He currently drives the No. 9 Iëvgeni Machines/Sitroner Segvold for Sitroner Racing. Both his marital and parental status are unknown, though judging by his RZOEAZ promotional photos, it seems unlikely that he's old enough to have a status other than "unmarried" and "no children." But, looks can be deceiving. For all his fans know, "The Dragon" has an insatiable appetite for women, booze, drugs, and gambling, and has left a trail of heartbroken new moms in his wake. Doubt it, though. As for where he lives, the previous theory would indicate that he simply jumps from casino-to-casino, liquor store-to-liquor store, and cheap motel-to-cheap motel. In reality, he probably still lives with his mom and dad in his hometown in Babendy. But will we ever truly know?

Early LifeEdit

RZOEAZ CareerEdit

316AP SeasonEdit

Task entered the RZOEAZ in 316AP as the first driver from Babendy to compete in the series. Competing for RZOEAZ Rookie of the Year, he was hired by Draconia-based Sitroner Racing (formerly Borsch-Kcupp Racing) to drive the No. 9 Segvold, replacing Vingarmark veteran Ketill Margeirsson.

Career StatsEdit

Year Car Team Start Pole Win Top-5 Top-10 Finish
317AP #9 Iëvgeni Machines/Sitroner Segvold Sitroner Racing 22 0 0 3 5 94th
316AP #9 Iëvgeni Machines/Sitroner Segvold Sitroner Racing 0 0 0 0 0 TBA