Grand Duchy of Dragoonta
Motto "Let sleeping dragons lie"
Capital Dennith'Aroot (Dragon Cave)
Cities Dennith'Aroot, Biqek'Chal, Loreth'Etzin
Population 1,327,664
Governor HE Grand Duke T'kys Qaqolek
Representative Rt. Hon. Helmut Issiod

Dragoonta is one of the original steks of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and has a population of just over 1 million. Originally an independent duchy in free association with Eastern Zartania, Dragoonta was added as a stek or province of the kingdom in 172AP. The stek is located in the south-central part of the kingdom in the foothills of the Skylands mountains. The stek is bordered by the neighboring steks of Eybalca, Medotia, Drilastia, and Rastal. The administrative capital is Dennith'Aroot, known in Standard Ingallish as "Dragon Cave." The current Royal Governor of Dragoonta is His Excellency Grand Duke T'kys Qaqolek, who assumed the ducal crown in 284AP upon the death of his father, Grand Duke T'kys Jolich. Under the laws of the kingdom, the duchy is allowed one seat on the Royal Stek Assembly in Imperial City. The current representative to the Assembly is Rt. Hon. Helmut Issiod, who was appointed to that position by the Grand Duke in 302AP.

History Edit

Geography Edit

Economy Edit

Ducal Family Edit

Major Towns Edit

  • Dennith'Aroot 328,000
  • Biqek'Chal 87,000
  • Loreth'Etzin 56,000

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