• Aethelnia — House of Winsom. Aristocratic family with roots in the former Angliyaan Empire, who broke away from Angliyaa during the Longerathian Wars and declared Aethelnia's independence. Continue to reign as kings of Aethelnia. See noble families of Aethelnia.
  • Kemedal — The House of Lowarch are the ruling royal dynasty of Kemedal.
  • Kalesthesia — The House of Blau are the traditional royal dynasty of Kalesthesia, although today they only hold ceremonial status and no real power. The Royal Palace is located in Blauburg, not far from the capital Joannina.
  • Lendosa — various monarchical dynasties have existed in what is now Lendosa. The only one to still reign today is the House of Mendurosa, who are Kings of Piolsa (one of the Lendosan Confederation's member states). Previously, the House of Talriez were Emperors of Lendia. See noble families of Lendosa.
  • Mari'im — prior to colonization, several independent monarchies existed, each with its own dynasty (typically named after the country it ruled). The families survive today, but have no official status, and public recognition of them is discouraged by the government.
  • Trinia — although a monarchy, Trinia does not base its succession on inheritance — as such, there can be no dynasties.
  • Westrian Diaspora — the self-claimed ancient Royal Dynasty of the Westrian people is the House of Franthz, who was hosted by the Kalesthesian Royals during the Diaspora times. They hold no real power or ceremonial status, but are active in the promotion of charitable and human rights causes and maintain an extensive library of ancient text scrolls that had been passed down though their generations and were instrumental in deciphering important historical information about the origin of the Westrian people and the original location of the Westrian "continent" before the Great Cataclysm.
  • Xochimechatl — the last Xochimechatlan monarchy was overthrown by the temples in 533 BP. There are at least twenty-eight known claimants to be the rightful heir to the throne, none of whom are taken seriously by either the public or the government.

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