Edourne Vale is a city in the New South Dascunya province, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. Edbourne Vale serves as a commuter city for the provincial capital, Rochester. The currently population is 103,168.


The city was founded in 981 BP, by Lord Felix William Edbourne, a sworn bannerman of Lord Rochester. Edbourne Vale was originally founded as farming community and outpost for Lord Edbourne's troops, who patrolled the area. Lord Edbourne had a small castle constructed in in 976 BP and a few years later the city walls were built.


  • Edbourne
  • South Edbourne
  • Upper Edbourne
  • Lower Edbourne
  • Grovebury
  • Campbelltown
  • Falcon Ridge
  • Elkpark
  • Blancaster
  • Willowside
  • Hayesburg
  • Garfort
  • Rossbridge
  • Huntersford
  • Caldwater
  • Braddington


Up until the post-plague era, Edbourne Vale's main source of income was from agriculture, with the vast majority of the population working in farms. The Garfort district became an important industrial area in the post-plague era, with a large number of factories opening.

Today, the city is surrounded by farms, but this makes up under 20% of the local economy. The vast majority of the population work in nearby Rochester, however a large number of business have opened in Edbourne Vale, where office blocks are cheaper to rent than in Rochester.

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