Edward I
King of Samuelonia
Reign 1319 BP - 1310 BP
Predecessor William I of Samuelonia
Successor William II of Samuelonia
Full Name Edward James Ballanburg
House House of Ballanburg
Father William I of Samuelonia
Born 1336 BP
Died 1310 BP
Religion Papaist Cruisian

Edward I (Edward James Ballanburg); born 1336 BP, was King of Samuelonia from 1319 BP until his death in 1310 BP.

Edward made Papaism the official religion of Samuelonia in 1315 BP and was instrumental in the rise of Cruisianity in the country. Edward donated vast sums of money to the Archbishop and was the main investor in the construction of the extravagant Cathedral of Francisco. Edward became known as 'Edward the Pious' as a result of his deep religious beliefs.

Early lifeEdit

King of SamueloniaEdit

Marriage & AncestryEdit

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