Area 21,771 sq.kms (11)
Population 765,000 (16)
Pop.density 35/ (18)
Shire seat Skeith
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 9
Mail code EM
Motto Share we thone burthen

Emmerset is a shire of Somery. The shire covers the southern part of lathe Shirdover. The north features the valley of river Emmer, while the south is dominated by the outskirts of the Rimn Hills. Much of the population is concentrated around the shire seat of Skeith along the broadening of the Emmer valley, Yellet Dene.

Yellet Dene Kirth & Leith Fair which is held every year in Skeith, in late July, is one of the most popular music events of the summer season. It is dedicated to Somerish folk music and poetry, featuring published poets as well as amateurs.

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