Eras 4
Eras4 logo trans
Sport Rugby
Founded 12 Sept. 308
No. of teams 4
Country(ies) Flag-altland Altland
Flag-namuria Namuria
Flag-rovens Rovens
Utania Utania
Most recent champion 00000
Official website

Eras 4, also known as VRB Eras 4 and often abbreviated to E4, is an Eras rugby competition to be launched in 309 AP. The competition is to be contested between the Southern Hemisphere national rugby sides of Altland, Namuria, Rovens, and Utania. The competition runs from January through February each year.

The competition is being funded by the Vexillium Rugby Board (VRB), and is part of a four-year, C$78.6 million strategic investment program designed to increase the competitiveness of international rugby in developing rugby nations and nations where rugby is a minor or underdeveloped sport. The tournament is also intended to act as a pathway to more exposure of domestic players and the national sides in their respective nations and to broaden and grown the sport around the world.

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