Eras Nations Cup
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Sport Rugby
Founded 302 AP
No. of teams 17
Country(ies) see below
Most recent champion TBD
Official website

The Eras Nations Cup, also known as VRB Eras Nations Cup or simply Nations Cup, and often abbreviated to EN Cup or Eras Cup, is an Eras rugby competition founded in 302 AP. The competition is contested between the national rugby sides of Erasian nations.

The competition is considered to be one of the premier Tier-2 and Tier-3 national rugby competitions on Vexillium.

Participating NationsEdit

The following nations currently take part in the Eras Nations Cup. The Vexillium Rugby Board plans to expand this tournament to include new member unions as rugby expands on the continent and more nations join.

Eras Nations Cup National Sides
Albion-Merite Cimera Chungxipang
Eastern Zartania Elafites & Zufites Foro Rifo
Guwimith Kansinia Lysonia
Ludonia Namuria P.R.O.G.
Polarian Islands Somery South Bay
Westermite Western Zartania

The CompetitionEdit

The seventeen national sides are organized into three tiers, Tier 1 (5 sides), Tier 2 (6 sides), and Tier 3 (6 sides), respectively. Initial tournament placement was decided by official VRB World Rankings, i.e. the five highest ranked national sides comprised Tier 1, the next six highest ranked sides were placed in Tier 2, and the remaining six national sides comprised Tier 3.

Each Tier plays a round-robin schedule (Tier 1 – 4 games; Tier 2 & Tier 3 – 5 games). The top finishing side in Tier 1 is declared the tournament champion and awarded the Eras Nation Championship Trophy. The top finishing side in Tier 2 is awarded the Eras Continental Cup. The top finishing side in Tier 3 is awarded the Eras National Shield.

Promotion and RelegationEdit

At the conclusion of the tournament, the top finishing side in Tier 2 is promoted to Tier 1 for the following year. Likewise, the worst performing side in Tier 1 steps back to Tier 2 for the next year's tournament. The top finishing side in Tier 3 is promoted to Tier 2 and the worst performing side in Tier 2 is relegated into Tier 3 for the following year.

Past ChampionsEdit


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