Area 16,551 sq.kms (16)
Population 620,000 (22)
Pop.density 37/ (17)
Shire seat Prydwirth
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 8
Mail code ER
Motto Penderfyniad arthes
The determination of a she-bear

Erset is a shire of Somery. The shire covers the central part of lathe Northerewland. Prydwirth, the old capital of the lathe, is a beautiful town, with several historical buildings, representing virtually all styles and ages. The wellpreserved ancient thane hall is well worth a visit.

The river Ere, from which the shire has its name, runs through it, being the outlet of Mitchelmere, the largest lake in Somery. Another of the country's largest lakes, Blackmere, also lies within the shire.

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